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A world view. The belief that there is no deity.

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Christian Atheists have Proven God Does Not Exist. Right? published by GodAndScience.org
Christian The Folly of Denying God
Christian Imagine there's no heaven, "Contemporary atheism speaks out in Human Manifesto, 2000," by Bob and Gretchen Passantino
Christian Only Stupid People Believe in God Answering a common atheists' myth.
Christian Strategies for Dialoguing with Atheists By Dr. Ron Rhodes, "Reasoning from the Scriptures" Get More Information
Christian Why the Burden of Proof is on the Atheist. By Professor Ralph McInerny. Article at the Leadership U site Get More Information


Secular Losing Faith in Faith: From Preacher to Atheist By Dan Barker. Barker, who for 19 years was a preacher, question the validity of religious faith. Includes Barkers views on Bible contradictions, the historicity and resurrection of Jesus

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Christian Theism vs. Atheism: The Internet Debate "In the fall of 1997, Dr. Phil Fernandes, President of the Institute of Biblical Defense and Dr. Michael Martin, Professor of Philosophy at Boston University conducted an internet debate over Theism vs. Atheism. The debate lasted over a four month period with each successive response being posted as it was completed. This debate is posted here and on the Internet Infidels website (also known as the atheist web)."

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