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Bible Contradictions

and Other Bible Difficulties

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About This Entry

This entry provides a brief look at Bible Contradictions and Other Bible Difficulties. For indepth information we refer you to our collection of research resources.

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While the publishers of Apologetics Index operate from an orthodox, evangelical Christian point of view, the intent of this site is to provide research resources from a variety of perspectives.

Therefore, unlike many other websites that deal with the issues we address, many topics on this site include links to Christian, non-Christian and secular research resources, presented from neutral, pro, and contra viewpoints.

Note: A simple color-coding system is used to help you identify the general background of sites, articles and other listings.

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An old rumor has it that ''the good book'' is a library of contradictions. It is said by some that the real genius of this bestseller is that, like other successful ''fortune tellers,'' it covers its predictions with enough broad, obscure, and contradictory statements to be able to hide in the tangle.

But is that really the truth about the Bible? Or is there some way to resolve its alleged contradictions? We offer the following pages to you with the confidence that the more of the Bible you understand, the less you will wonder about its overall unity, consistency, and reliability.

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About This Page:

• Subject: Bible Contradictions and Other Bible Difficulties
• First posted: Jan. 13, 1997
• Last Updated: Mar. 29, 2005
• Editors: Anton and Janet Hein
• Copyright: Apologetics Index

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Home / A-Z Index / "B" / Bible Contradictions and Other Bible Difficulties

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