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Non-Christian Matt Bratschi


International Coordinator of the Scientology front organization Freedom for Religions in Germany. Member of the cult's Washington, DC OSA.   Claims to have been a Christian farmer in a former life.

A private investigator who does work on behalf of the Church of Scientology is being sought by Tampa police in a case that features a bizarre claim about the Pasco County sheriff.

The investigator, a former Los Angeles police officer named Eugene Martin Ingram, is accused of impersonating a Hillsborough County sheriff's detective. Tampa police say Ingram was quizzing a woman about an alleged prostitution ring that he said involved Pasco County Sheriff Lee Cannon.

Police also have investigated Matt Bratschi, a reporter for the church publication Freedom magazine. Bratschi, who has not been charged, is believed by police to have accompanied Ingram on the interview. (...)
Police Looking For Church's Private Eye  St. Petersburg Times, January 28, 1995.

Note: Bratschi disputes the newspaper's story.

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