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Brown/Hanegraaff Meetings Lead To Reconcilliation

Recently, there have been some welcome developments with regard to the "Revival controversy." The following is an item from the Nov. 9, 1997 ReaperNet newsletter:

This past weekend, Dr. Michael Brown and Hank Hannegraaff met for a debate concerning the current revival and, in particular, the happenings going on at the Brownsville Assembly of God in Pensacola, Florida. Scott Volk from Dr. Brown's office brings us this report.

"Mike went first for 45 minutes. He spent time on what the secular media is saying, what visiting pastor's had said, and also gave some testimonies of changed lives in the schools, and at the church. He contrasted that with what Hank is saying and asked, "What is the difference?". He then talked about the critics historically focusing on the chaff instead of the wheat and having a non-berean spirit (which he talks about in Let No One Deceive You). He called Hank to account for a couple of specific things and ended with the video of Megan's (his 18 yr. old daughter) baptism.

Hank started out with a 5 minute video that included Allison Ward shaking, some wild baptism, "Honey, where are we from?", and Pastor's prophecy. He then spoke mainly about the topics covered in his book, highlighting that Christianity is going through a paradigm shift from the 'Word' to esoteric experiences.

Each man had 5 minutes to rebut the other and then there was a time for questions and answers. Things got a bit heated which led to the first question which went something like this: "It grieves my heart to see two people who obviously love the Lord and are doing His will to be so far apart on this issue. Is there any way that you would be willing to sit face to face and hash out these issues..."

Mike then, into the speaker system, apologized if he did anything to offend Hank and asked him to forgive him. He also re-invited Hank to spend time in Brownsville, assuring him of meetings with the various leaders. Hank responded in kind and the two of them ended up in the middle of the room (arm in arm) and were prayed for. The night ended by Mike and Hank having 3 uninterrupted hours together. Mike was EXTREMELY encouraged. God was glorified. We're moving forward, believing the best. Please stand with us that the Lord will reveal truth."

For details, see the Nov. 4 and Nov. 18 ReaperNet chatlogs.

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Brown/Hanegraaff Meetings Lead To Reconciliation

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