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Quotable Quotes From "A Course In Miracles"©®
Quotable Quotes From "A Course In Miracles"©®
Illustrating its Un-Biblical Teachings

Compiled by Eric Pement, Senior Editor, Cornerstone magazine

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"A Course in Miracles" is a channeled, three-volume book that claims the world, sin and sickness are just illusions. This New Age belief system uses Christian terminology, but teaches the opposite of what the Bible teaches on almost every subject. These quotes, compiled by Eric Pement, illustrate that fact:

The Body Does Not Exist

To be without a body is to be in our natural state.
ACIM, vol.2, p. 123

. . . the body is not part of you.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 93

The Holy Spirit's temple is not a body, but a relationship.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 407

A mind and body cannot both exist. Make no attempt to reconcile the two, for the one denies the other can be real.
ACIM, vol. 2, p. 167

The body neither lives nor dies, because it cannot contain you who are life. . . God did not make the body, because it is destructible, and therefore not of the Kingdom. The body is the symbol of what you think you are. It is clearly a separation device, and therefore does not exist.
ACIM, vol. 1, pp. 96-97

For the body is a limit on love. The belief in limited love was its origin, and it was made to limit the unlimited. Think not that this is merely allegorical, for it was made to limit you.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 364, italics in original

The body is the instrument the mind made in its efforts to deceive itself.
ACIM, vol. 2, p. 409

The body is a dream.
ACIM, vol. 2, p. 415

There is one thing that you have never done; you have not utterly forgotten the body. It has perhaps faded at times from your sight, but it has not yet completely disappeared. . . . At no single instant does the body exist at all.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 362

All Sickness Is Caused And Cured By The Mind

. . . sickness is an illusion.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 172

Remember that all sense of weakness is associated with the belief that you are a body, a belief that is mistaken and deserves no faith.
ACIM, vol. 2, p. 155

Sickness and perfection are irreconcilable. . . . If you believe you can be sick, you have placed other gods before Him.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 173

The body cannot heal, because it cannot make itself sick. It needs no healing. Its health or sickness depends entirely on how the mind perceives it, and the purpose the mind would use it for.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 371

If God is real, there is no pain. If pain is real, there is no God. . . . It is your thoughts alone that cause you pain. Nothing external to your mind can hurt or injure you in any way.
ACIM, vol. 2, p. 351

Sickness is a decision. It is not a thing that happens to you, quite unsought, which makes you weak and brings you suffering. It is a choice you make, a plan you lay . . .
ACIM, vol. 2, p. 251

The acceptance of sickness as a decision of the mind . . . is the basis of healing . . . in all forms. A patient decides that this is so, and he recovers. If he decides against recovery, he will not be healed. Who is the physician? Only the mind of the patient himself. . . . [Medicines and doctors] are not actually needed at all. The patient could merely rise up without their aid and say, 'I have no use for this.' There is no form of sickness that would not be cured at once.
ACIM, vol. 3, p. 17

. . . sickness is of the mind, and has nothing to do with the body.
ACIM, vol. 3, p. 17

Times, Space, And The Physical World Are Illussions

Change is an illusion. . .
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 282

The world of time is the world of illusion.
ACIM, vol. 3, p. 4

. . . time does not really exist.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 5

There is no past or future, and the idea of birth into a body has no meaning either once or many times.
ACIM, vol. 3, p. 57

. . . you think you live in space, where concepts such as 'up' and 'down' are meaningful. Ultimately, space is as meaningless as time. Both are merely beliefs.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 11

There is nothing outside you. That is what you must ultimately learn . . .
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 358

The world you see has nothing to do with reality. It is of your own making, and it does not exist.
ACIM, vol. 2, p. 23

With eyes closed, think of all the horrors in the world that cross your mind. Name each one as it occurs to you, and then deny its reality. God did not create it, and so it is not real. Say, for example:
'God did not create that war, and so it is not real.'
'God did not create that airplane crash, and so it is not real.'
ACIM, vol. 2, p. 23

Nothing the body's eyes seem to see can be anything but a form of temptation . . .
ACIM, vol. 2, p. 105

. . . your idea of what seeing means is tied up with the body and its eyes and brain. Thus you believe that you can change what you see by putting little bits of glass before your eyes. This is among the many magical beliefs that come from the conviction that you are a body, and the body's eyes can see.
You also believe that the body's brain can think. If you but understood the nature of thought, you could but laugh at this insane idea.
ACIM, vol. 2, p. 157

Sin gave the body eyes, for what is there the sinless would behold? What need have they of sights or sounds or touch? . . . To sense is not to know.
ACIM, vol. 2, p. 409

The world you see is an illusion of a world. God did not create it, for what He creates must be eternal as Himself.
ACIM, vol. 3, p. 81

Death Is Unreal

There is no death, but there is a belief in death.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 46

The purpose of the Atonement is to restore everything to you; or rather, to restore it to your awareness. . . .
That is what the Bible means by 'There is no death,' and why I could demonstrate that death does not exist.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 9

. . . you made sickness and death yourself, and can therefore abolish both. You are a miracle, capable of creating in the likeness of your Creator. Everything else is your own nightmare, and does not exist.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 2

When you are tempted to yield to the desire for death, remember that I did not die. You will realize that this is true when you look within and see me.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 217, italics in original

There is no death, and we renounce it now in every form . . . God made not death. Whatever form it takes must therefore be illusion.
ACIM, vol. 2, p. 303

Final Judgment, Hell Are Not Real

God does not believe in retribution. His Mind does not create it in any way. . . This kind of error is responsible for a host of related errors, including the belief that God rejected Adam and forced him out of the Garden of Eden.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 33

The ego is trying to teach you how to gain the whole world and lose your own soul. The Holy Spirit teaches that you cannot lose your soul and there is no gain in the world. . .
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 212

God does not forgive because He has never condemned. And there must be condemnation before forgiveness is necessary.
ACIM, vol. 2, p. 73

I ["Jesus"] came to fulfill the law by reinterpreting it. The law itself, properly understood, offers only protection. It is those who have not yet changed their minds who brought the 'hell-fire' concept into it.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 9

The Last Judgment is one of the most threatening ideas in your thinking. This is because you do not understand it. Judgment is not an attribute of God.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 29

Do not fear the Last Judgment, but welcome it and do not wait . . . This is the Second Coming that was made for you as the First was created. The Second Coming is merely the return of sense.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 158

Christ's Second Coming . . . is merely the correction of mistakes, and the return of sanity. It is a part of the condition that restores the never lost. . .
ACIM, vol. 2, p. 439

The Second Coming is the awareness of reality, not its return.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 159

For hell and oblivion are ideas that you have made up . . .
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 228

The Holy Spirit teaches thus: There is no hell. Hell is only what the ego has made of the present.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 281

No one remains in hell, for no one can abandon his Creator . . .
ACIM, vol. 2, p. 233

Sin Is Unreal

Let us consider the unhealed healer more carefully now. By definition, he is trying to give what he has not received. If an unhealed healer is a theologian, for example, he may begin with the premise, 'I am a miserable sinner, and so are you.'
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 159

There is no stone in all the ego's embattled citadel more heavily defended than the idea that sin is real.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 376

Son of God, you have not sinned, but you have been much mistaken. Yet this can be corrected and God will help you, knowing that you couldnot sin against Him. . . . Your denial of Him therefore means that you love Him, and that you know He loves you.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 176

The betrayal of the Son of God lies only in illusions, and all his 'sins' are but his own imagining. His reality is forever sinless. He need not be forgiven but awakened. In his dreams he has betrayed himself, his brothers and his God. Yet what is done in dreams has not been really done.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 327

If sin is real, God must be at war with Himself. He must be split, and torn between good and evil; partly sane and partially insane.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 377

The Holy Spirit will never teach you that you are sinful.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 423

Cross, Sacrifice, Salvation

Do not make the pathetic error of 'clinging to the old rugged cross.' The only message of the crucifixion is that you can overcome the cross. Until then you are free to crucify yourself as often as you choose. This is not the Gospel I ["Jesus"] intended to offer you.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 47

The crucifixion had no part in the Atonement.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 264

The Atonement does not make holy. You were created holy.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 270

To the ego, sin means death, and so atonement is achieved through murder. Salvation is looked upon as a way by which the Son of God was killed instead of you. Yet, no one can die for anyone, and death does not atone for sin.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 383

Sacrifice is so essential to your thought system that salvation apart from sacrifice means nothing to you. Your confusion of sacrifice and live is so profound that you cannot conceive of love without sacrifice . . .
How fearful, then, has God become to you, and how great a sacrifice do you believe His Love demands! For total love would demand total sacrifice. And so the ego seems to demand less of you than God . . .
And if you will understand this lesson, you will realize that to sacrifice the body is to sacrifice nothing . . . Where, then, is sacrifice? The lesson I ["Jesus"] was born to teach, and still would teach all my brothers, is that sacrifice is nowhere and love is everywhere.
ACIM, vol. 1, pp. 302, 303, 305-306

In Heaven, God's Son is not imprisoned in a body . . . Born again each instant, untouched by time, and far beyond the reach of any sacrifice of life or death. For neither [sacrifice] did he make . . .
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 505

Sacrifice is a notion totally unknown to God. It arises solely from fear . . .
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 33

Brother, the Holy Spirit knows that sacrifice brings nothing.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 422

My salvation comes from me. It cannot come from anywhere else.
ACIM, vol. 2, p. 119

If God Took On Human Form, God Would Be A Liar

If God is in a body, what must His plan for salvation be? What could it be but death? In trying to present Himself as the Author of life and not of death, He is a liar and a deceiver, full of false promises and offering illusions in place of truth. The body's apparent reality makes this view of God quite convincing. In fact, if the body were real, it would be difficult indeed to escape this conclusion.
ACIM, vol. 2, p. 122

The Bible says, 'The word
or thought
was made flesh.' Strictly speaking, this is impossible, since it seems to involve the translation of one order of reality into another. Different orders of reality merely appear to exist . . .
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 141

God cannot come into a body, nor can you join Him there.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 364

Jesus And Mankind

Creation is the sum of all of God's Thoughts, in number infinite, and everywhere without limit. . . . Creation is the holy Son of God. . . We are creation; we the Sons of God. We seem to be discrete, and unaware of our eternal unity with Him.
ACIM, vol. 2, p. 451

I ["Jesus"] have stressed that awe is not an appropriate reaction to me because of our inherent equality.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 13

Because I ["Jesus"] am always with you, you are the way, the truth and the life.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 108

The student is asked to affirm,

Your Son . . . is but what I really am in truth. He is the Son You love above all things. He is my Self as You created me. It is not Christ That can be crucified.
ACIM, vol. 2, p. 441

'No man cometh unto the Father but by me' does not mean that I am in any way separate or different from you except in time, and time does not really exist.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 5

It is God's Will that He has but one Son. It is God's Will that His one Son is you.
ACIM, vol. 2, p. 175

The Son of God is you.
ACIM, vol. 2, p. 105

Never forget that the Sonship is your salvation, for the Sonship is your Self. . . . Your Self does not need salvation.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 186

The name of Jesus is the name of one who was a man but saw the face of Christ in all his brothers and remembered God. So he became identified with Christ a man no longer, but at one with God. The man was an illusion, for he seemed to be a separate being, within a body that appeared to hold his self from Self, as all illusions do. . . . Is he the Christ? O yes, along with you.
ACIM, vol. 3, p. 83

The student is told to affirm,

'I am the light of the world.'
Who is the light of the world except God's Son? This, then, is merely a statement of the truth about yourself. It is the opposite of a statement of pride, of arrogance, or of self-deception. . . . It refers to you as you were created by God. It simply states the truth.
ACIM, vol. 2, p. 101

We Are God

The recognition of God is the recognition of yourself. There is no separation of God and His creation.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 136

God is not in you in a literal sense; you are part of Him.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 70

God created you as part of Him. That is both where you are and what you are. . . . It is forever true. It is not a belief, but a Fact.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 89

Call on your brother's name and God will answer, for on Him you call.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 518

There is a light in you which cannot die; whose presence is so holy that the world is sanctified because of you. All things that live bring gifts to you, and offer them in gratitude and gladness at your feet. . .
The light in you is what the universe longs to behold. All living things are still before you, for they recognize Who walks with you. The light you carry is their own. And thus they see in you their holiness, saluting you as savior and as God. Accept their reverence . . .
ACIM, vol. 2, p. 287

God's Name is holy, but no holier than yours. To call upon His Name is but to call upon your own.
ACIM, vol. 2, p. 334

God is Limited

The Bible repeatedly states that you should praise God. This hardly means that you should tell Him how wonderful He is. He has no ego with which to accept such praise, and no perception with which to judge it.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 64

God is as dependent on you as you are on Him, . . .
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 190

God does not understand words, for they were made by separated minds to keep them in the illusion of separation.
ACIM, vol. 3, p. 51

God does not guide, because He can share only perfect knowledge. Guidance is evaluative, because it implies there is a right way and also a wrong way, one to be chosen and the other to be avoided.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 69

God and His creations are completely dependent on each other. He depends on them because He created them perfect. . . . God is lonely without His Sons, and they are lonely without Him.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 19, italics in original

Whenever you question your value, say: 'God Himself is incomplete without me.'
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 165

We Are Perfect

In the creation, God extended Himself to His creations and imbued them with the same loving will to create. You . . . have also been created perfect. There is no emptiness in you.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 14

Heaven is not a place nor a condition. It is merely an awareness of perfect oneness, and the knowledge that there is nothing else; nothing outside this oneness, and nothing else within.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 359
It is hard to understand what 'The Kingdom of Heaven is within you' really means. . . . The word 'within' is unnecessary. The Kingdom of Heaven is you.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 54, italics in original

In the ego's language, 'to have' and 'to be' are different, but they are identical to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit knows that you both have everything and are everything. . . . That is why we make no distinction between having the Kingdom of God and being the Kingdom of God.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 56, italics in original

Disobeying God's Will is meaningful only to the insane. In truth it is impossible.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 123

For there is but one mistake; the whole idea that loss is possible . . . You have no problems, though you think you have.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 506

Nothing Exists But God

Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven . . . because you can find nothing else. There is nothing else. God is All in all in a very literal sense.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 110

Nothing beyond Him can happen, because nothing except Him is real.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 168

The Ego Is An Illusion

The ego, which is not real, attempts to persuade the mind, which is real, that the mind is the ego's learning device; and further, that the body is more real than the mind is. No one in his right mind could possibly believe this . . .
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 93

. . . the ego does not exist . . .
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 56

. . . your salvation lies in teaching the exact opposite of everything the ego believes.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 92

Special Relationship To Jesus, Dying To Self

The special relationship is a strange and unnatural ego device . . . This 'self' seeks the relationship to make itself complete. Yet when it find the special relationship . . . it gives itself away, and tries to 'trade' itself for the self of another. . . Each partner tries to sacrifice the self he does not want for one he thinks he would prefer...
The real purpose of the special relationship, in strict accordance with the ego's goals, is to destroy reality and substitute illusion. ... The central theme in its litany to sacrifice is that God must die so you can live. And it is this theme that is acted out in the special relationship. Through the death of your self you think you can attack another self . . . to replace the self that you despise. . .
The special relationship must be recognized for what it is; a senseless ritual in which strength is extracted from the death of God, and invested in His killer as the sign that form has triumphed over content, and love has lost its meaning.
ACIM, vol. 1, pp. 318, 319, 319-320

Specialness is the idea of sin made real. Sin is impossible even to imagine without this base. For sin arose from it, out of nothingness; an evil flower with no roots at all. . . . You are not special. If you think you are . . . how can you know the truth?
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 467


The Sonship is the sum of all that God created.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 2

I said before that forgetting is merely a way of remembering better.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 109

Complexity is not of God.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 508

The reality of everything is total harmlessness.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 146

True learning is constant, and so vital in its power for change that a Son of God can recognize his power in one instant and change the world in the next. That is because, by changing his mind, he has changed the most powerful device that was ever given him for change. . . . This places you in a position of needing to learn a lesson that seems contradictory; -- you must learn to change your mind about your mind. Only by this can you learn that it is changeless.
ACIM, vol. 1, p. 113, italics in original

Our curriculum trains for the relinquishment of judgment as the necessary condition of salvation.
ACIM, vol. 3, p.25

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