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Over 50 years ago, William Branham, George Warnock, Paul Cain and others attempted to introduce Latter Rain/Manifest Sons of God teachings into the Pentecostal movement. In 1949, however, the Assemblies of God officially rejected the Latter Rain/ Manifest Sons of God doctrine as "heresy." The cult went underground but surfaced again in the 1960's as the Manchild Company. Disregarding the Assemblies of God decision, Paul Cain, the Kansas City Prophets and Vineyard Ministries have subsequently reintroduced and successfully established this false doctrine in the Pentecostal churches.
The Latter Rain Revival by Tim Barbaho, 1997

Paul Cain is seen by many supporters of today's renewal/revival movements as a modern-day apostle/prophet.

In the 50's Paul Cain travelled with and ministered alongside William Branham, whom he called "the greatest prophet that ever lived." Though he disagrees with Branham's views on the doctrine of theTrinity (which the latter said was inspired by the devil), Cain very much promotes Branham's Manifest Sons of God teachings. Cain coined the term "New Breed" to refer to that doctrine.

Paul Cain was instrumental in founding Kansas City Fellowship (as it was known at the time) - a church based on the teachings of Latter Rain theology. Cain headed the controversial Kansas City Prophets.

... as pointed out by Gruen in "Documentation of the Aberrant Practices and Teachings of Kansas City Fellowship," Cain has often referred to Joel's Army of god-men and the Manifested Sons of God as the man child of Revelation 12:5. This is classic Kingdom Now theology.
B. M. Rocine (Church of The Living Word, Syracuse, New York, in Misplaced Faith (No connection with John Robert Steven's "Church of the Living Word")

- Oct. 21, 2004 -
Sadly, in a Special Bulletin posted on the website of Rick Joyner, Joyner, Jack Deere and Mike Bickle announce:

In February 2004, we were made aware that Paul had become an alcoholic. In April 2004, we became aware that Paul is a practicing homosexual. When confronted with the evidence of these sinful practices, Paul admitted to them and agreed to a process of restoration which the three of us would oversee. However, because Paul has continued to drink and pursue immoral practices, and after having exhausted the first two steps of the Matthew 18:15-17 process, we now have a responsibility to bring this before the church.

We also want to apologize to the body of Christ for our part in promoting and elevating Paulís stature in the church while having these significant strongholds in his life. The signs that these problems existed were abundant, and we had an obvious lack of discernment and failed to see them until this year. We have received a considerable education through this situation, the principles of which we will share in due time with the hope that others will not have to make our same mistakes.

Note: The above quote was found and copied from Rick Joyner's website on Oct. 22, 2004. Since then, the text of the 'Special Bulletin' has been changed.

We agree with their expressed hope to see Paul Cain restored, and agree that - as they put it - "We therefore do not believe that Paul has committed anything that places him beyond the grace of God."

However, we do note that Rick Joyner, Mike Bickle and Jack Deere have often been approached by Christians who have expressed concern regarding their theology and practices. Rick Joyner, for one, rejects such opportunities for accountability. He refers to critics as 'Jezebels,' claiming that those who criticize have a 'religious spirit.'

- Mar. 2005 -
Paul Cain has posted a letter of confession on his website in which he acknowledges the issues brought up by Rick Joyner, Jack Deere and Mike Bickle. He further writes:
I have submitted to a team of leaders in the body of Christ who are supervising every aspect of my restoration. This team is headed by Larry J. Alberts (Fathers and Families Together, Minneapolis, MN) and Dr. Daniel J. Kim (Destiny Training International, El Monte, CA). Larry has considerable experience in restoration ministry and has been requested by leaders such as John Wimber, Rick Joyner, and Francis Frangipane to help restore highly significant ministers in the body of Christ. Daniel directs a training center which emphasizes biblical spirituality and prophetic reformation. I have submitted to Larry and Daniel to develop an appropriate program, involving professional treatments, so that I may walk in moral purity, spiritual and physical health, and wholeness of life.
Source: Paul Cain's official website Last accessed March 8, 2005

- Quotes -

...I know some of you are going to disagree with this. Don't you even stop to disagree. Revelation 12:5. If you disagree, just file it in 'miscellaneous' and check it out. And don't bother with it; when we get to heaven we'll check it out and you'll find out I'm right...
Paul Cain, regarding his exposition of the Man-Child company, at the Prophetic Power and Passion Conference, Christ Chapel, Florence, Alabama, August, 1995.

[Note: telling you not to question or check their teachings is a favorite tactic of false teachers. However, the Bible says to test all things, and to do so using the Word of God].

Though Branham denied the historic, orthodox view of the Trinity, William Branham was the greatest prophet in the 20th century. This was due not to Branham's doctrines but to "his gifting in the word of knowledge."
Paul Cain, quoted in Michael Horton ed. Power Religion, 1992, p.67

For quite a while I have been embarrassed to say anything about the latter rain, because you are associated and identified with something that people don't seem to appreciate in certain evangelical circles. So I have played it cool and haven't said much about it. But I don't care what they think any more... I believe we are going to have the latter rain and I am looking forward to it.

God's raising up a new standard, a new banner, if you will, that's going to radically change the expression, the understanding of Christianity in our generation...God has invited us to have a role in establishing a new order of Christianity...God is offering to this generation something He has never offered to any other generation...beware lest old order brethren rob you and steal this hope from you.
Paul Cain, "You Can Become the Word!," 1989, Vineyard Prophetic Conference

(On Joel's Army)
No prophet or apostle who ever lived equaled the power of these individuals in this great army of the Lord in these last days. No one ever had it, not even Elijah or Peter or Paul, or anyone else enjoyed the power that is gong to rest on this great army.
Bob Jones and Paul Cain. "Selections from the Kansas City Prophets," audiotape tape: 155C

I had a vision of you people coming from... a circle of maybe a hundred miles and I saw people coming from every major city within that circumference and a great conclave was taking place, and it was the training of Joel's Army... I believe that people are going to come together by the thousands and train for the Army of the Lord. Wouldn't that be wonderful? I mean, that's long overdue.
Paul Cain, Grace Ministries Tapes, Undated.

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