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Definitions: cults, sects, alternative religious movements, cult apologists, anti-anticult movement, cult experts

Definitions: Religious Cults, Sects, Alternative Religious Movements, Anti-cult groups.

Cult and Ex-cult Counseling Resources :
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NOTE: While helpful, online resources generally are not a good substitute for face-to-face counseling. Restricted-access mailing lists do provide a level of support in that ex-cult members can encourage each other during the healing process.

Unfortunately, many such lists are places where hurt people try to counsel each other without much, if any, insight into cult- and/or counseling issues. Professional counseling is preferred over these lists.

Be careful with confidential information, especially in public newsgroups, but also on private mailing lists and in private correspondence. If you are being harassed, contact a professional (see our list of recommended ministries and organizations)

Secular alt.support.ex-cult
Open to anyone, so be prepared to separate the wheat from the chaff. The group is frequented by a number of helpful, knowledgeable people. Despite the group's obvious focus on ex-cult members, some cult apologists and other cult promoters can not resist posting or cross-posting their propaganda. Note that such harassment is a form of abuse - itself a warning sign not to get involved in the movements promoted.

For privacy and safety reasons, cult members, former cult members, and their families and friends are encouraged to post from a web-based email address (such as provided by Hotmail, Excite, Yahoo). Always be careful with confidential information. Experience shows most people looking for information use the group as a read-only source.

Secular Freedom of MindOff-site Link A list "developed in cooperation with Steve Hassan's freedom of mind website." The list allows for "the free exchange of ideas, insights, and experiences around cults, mind control, undue influence by groups and individuals, cult recovery, and related issues. "

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