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What You Should Know About CESNUR

What You Should Know About CESNUR

CESNUR and Friends / CESNUR Details

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Cesnur and Friends

CESNUR is admired, praised and supported by other cult apologists and their organizations, such as:

CESNUR Details

CESNUR - the Center for Studies on New Religions
Via Juvarra 20
10152 TORINO

Phone: 39-11-541950
Fax: 39-11-541905
E-mail: cesnurto@tin.it

Additional CESNURs are being established in other countries. The following information about current organizations was provided by Massimo Introvigne to Tilman Hausherr:

There are currently four different CESNUR organisations that are not linked by licensing or franchising contracts, and do not solicit nor receive funds from religious organisations old and new. They receive royalties from publishers, contributions of the members, and registration fees on conferences they organise. Decisions are made according to the by-laws (and national laws) by Boards of Directors and other appropriate organs. The founders were the board members, with the exceptions mentioned below.

CESNUR International: founded 1988, non-profit, publicly recognized association (re-incorporated) in 1996, legal person (Decree 150-11310 of the Government of Piedmont). Funded by the State of Piedmont, located in Torino. Manages the website www.cesnur.org. The by-laws provide that it can be designated as "CESNUR", "CESNUR International", "CESNUR Piedmont" and "CESNUR Torino".

Managing Director: Massimo Introvigne.
President: Father Luigi Berzano, Professor of Sociology of Religion at
the University of Turin
Board: Luigi Berzano, J. Gordon Melton, Eileen Barker, Massimo Introvigne, Michael Homer, Reender Kranenborg, Gianni Ambrosio.

CESNUR Italy: founded 1988, incorporated 1990 as non-profit private association, registration number 1486/1, located in Foggia and Torino.

Managing Director: Massimo Introvigne.
President: Monsignor Luigi Casale (a Catholic historian and archbishop)
Board: Giuseppe Casale, Michele Di Cesare, Massimo Introvigne, Jean-François Mayer, Régis Ladous, Gianni Ambrosio Giovanni Sangiorgio and Giorgio Frascella left the board, Prof. Roland Chagnon died.

CESNUR France: founded 1996, non-profit association "loi 1901", registration number 126189 P, located in Paris.

President: Sorbonne Professor Antoine Faivre ("History of Mystical and Esoterical Doctrines")
Executive Secretary: Olivier-Louis Séguy (attorney)
Board: Antoine Faivre, Roland Edighoffer, Olivier-Louis Séguy

CESNUR USA: unincorporated.
It has a secretary, Michael W. Homer (attorney).

Disclosure of information about trade and service marks was refused.
Cult Apologists FAQ Compiled by Tilman Hausherr

CESNUR reports that it is

... independent from any Church, denomination or religious movement. CESNUR International was recognized as a public non-profit entity in 1996 by the Italian authorities, who are the main current contributors to its projects. It is also financed by royalties on the books it publishes with different publishers, and by contributions of the members. As a public non-profit entity, accounts of its projects are filed with the Region of Piedmont, in Italy.

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