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What You Should Know About CESNUR

What You Should Know About CESNUR

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- Articles -
Secular The CESNUR Case (Contra) Provides background information on CESNUR. Good collection of articles.
Academic CESNUR '98 Conference GRIS review of the 1998 CESNUR Conference.
Christian CESNUR Threathens Christian Ministries Threathens "Comments from the Friends" - and later the Apologetics Index - for publishing a letter by Massimo Introvigne that contradicts statements made in an earlier legal threat against "Comments from the Friends." See if you can figure out why the Jehovah's Witnesses withdrew from the CESNUR '98 conference? Were these participants intimidated by a "Comments from the Friends" expose? Did they all cancel for "personal reasons"? Or did the Watchtower Headquarters tell them to cancel? If you read Italian, also check this report on the Anton Hein - David Reed - Massimo Introvigne Controversy on Jehovah's Witnesses
Secular Disreputable Forces At Work Among The Sect Researchers At CESNUR (Contra) English translation of an article in Dutch-language magazine "De Groene Amsterdammer." Dutch-language orginal: "Kenners Van Het Kwaad" (Knowers of Evil)
Secular Does CESNUR Cooperate with the new CAN? (Contra) Plus: Massimo Introvigne's Reply See also: Massimo Introvigne's Denial
Secular Fellow Traveller oder Consultore? (CONTRA) German-language article providing background on CESNUR and Introvigne
Christian Report on CESNUR's 11th International Conference (Amsterdam, 1997) Reported by Apologia
Secular Scholars or Apologists? (Contra) An unofficial, personal report about CESNUR's 11th International Conference (Amsterdam, 1997). By Herman de Tollenaere.
Secular The Secret Story of a Cult Apologist (Contra) About Massimo Introvigne, the man behind CESNUR.
Secular Sex, Lies and CESNUR A report on the strange internet activities of CESNUR's supporters at Una Voce Grida!
Secular The Transylvanian Society of Dracula J. Gordon Melton and Massimo Introvigne preside over chapters of this association, which is devoted to "Dracula and vampire studies."
Secular Watchtower Society Did Not Take Part In CESNUR Conference See also "CESNUR Threathens Christian Ministry." An article from Ex ZJ Infolink, Infoservice of the Network of Former Jehova's Witnesses in Germany, November, 1998.

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(Nov. 3, 1998) CESNUR threatens Christian Ministry. David Reed's recent exposé causes CESNUR to respond with legal threats.

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- Sites -
PluralisticAcademic CESNUR - The Center for Studies on New Religions. CESNUR's official site.
Secular CESNUR - Critical Page (Contra) Site dedicated to examining the claims and practices of CESNUR. This is the site CESNUR tried to censor.

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For research purposes, I am interested in receiving materials published by and about CESNUR and affiliated organizations. If you have such materials, please contact me.


  1. For specific reports, see these individual country files.  (Back to text) 
  2. Statements presented are, respectively, the earlier mentioned Misinformation, Religious Minorities and Religious Pluralism, and "Next Year in Jerusalem": Jerusalem in Catastrophic Millennialism. The latter is a good example of one of Introvigne's more reasonable presentations.  (Back to text) 
  3. That Christian countercult professionals consider sociological aspects in addition to theology is not surprising. It is said that bad doctrine leads to bad fruit behaviorally. While for the Christian, examining theology is a priority, he is not just concerned with whether movements or individuals "talk the talk," but also whether they "walk the walk."  (Back to text) 
  4. CESNUR has recently tried to censor the site which carries that article. Details  (Back to text) 
  5. Massimo Introvigne, Religious Liberty in Western Europe, Iskcon Communications Journal, Dec. 1997  (Back to text)