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Word of Caution regarding the Christian Research Journal
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Christian Research Journal

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CRI's Christian Research Journal

The Christian Research Journal  is published by the Christian Research Institute. It is a quarterly, glossy, no-expenses-spared publication that long used to be of exceptional quality.

The Journal includes contributions from many of today's foremost apologists on a wide variety of topics.

Buyer Beware

Unfortunately, since the death of founder Walter Martin the Christian Research Institute has been the subject of several controversies.

Most recently, a dangerous development took place. In 2006, CRI -- under the already controversial leadership of Hank Hanegraaff -- started to defend the Local Church, theologically a cult of Christianity.

In 2009, CRI compounded that error by using its Christian Research Journal to publish an extensive apology to -- and defense of -- the Local Church. (On this, see A Response to the Christian Research Journal’s Recent Defense of the “Local Church” Movement, by Dr. Norm Geisler and Dr. Ron Rhodes)

Not Recommended

Given this development we cannot recommend the Christian Research Journal to anyone other than those who are intimately familiar with the issues normally addressed in the Journal to such an extend that they are able to evaluate whether or not the material presented is Biblically sound.

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Christian Research Journal
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