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Orange key added for suborthodoxy and/or heresy. Keep in mind that there is great diversity among Catholics. Not all Catholics agree on all doctrines and practices. For details, see About Catholicism.

It is in light of our study of such theology that we find it most difficult to reconcile the current movement on the part of many Catholics and Evangelicals to join themselves together as spiritual brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ. For their part, Evangelicals characteristically maintain that they are not abandoning or glossing over important differences in doctrine between orthodox Catholicism and conservative Protestantism; they merely want to stress the unity of the true church, whether Catholic or Protestant. The problem, however, is that we are not going to gloss over important doctrinal differences, then it becomes impossible to maintain that Catholics and Protestants are genuine brothers and sisters in Christ.

Again, this is not to deny that many Catholics, individually speaking, are saved individuals because they have placed true faith in Jesus Christ and trust in Him alone for salvation -- not in their good works, the sacraments, or the Church. The problem arises when we say that all those committed to the traditional orthodox doctrines of the Catholic Church are saved individuals just as much as the simple believer in Jesus Christ. If so, it would seem that what an individual believes (i.e., whether it is either Catholic or Protestant teaching), has little or no bearing as to his individual salvation. But to say this is to abandon biblical authority and teaching entirely.

The bottom line is this: It is virtually impossible to claim to maintain important doctrinal distinctions on the one hand, and to simultaneously unite Catholic and Protestant believers into a spiritual fellowship on the other.


Christian Apparitions of the Virgin Mary: A Protestant Look at a Catholic Phenomenon
and Part 2 By Kenneth Samples
Christian The Beliefs of the Roman Catholics Church (CON) From a booklet by Christian Equippers International.
Christian Evangelicals & Catholics Together "The Christian Mission in the Third Millennium." (PRO) The Document itself. Plain text version. There also is a follow-up statement: ECTII - The Gift of Salvation
Christian Evangelicals and Catholics Together (PRO) Collection of articles in favor of the document, including statements by signatories. (Note: Leadership U is a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ, whose president, Bill Bright, co-signed the agreement).
Christian Evangelicals and Catholics Together? (CON)
Christian Holding Hands With The Pope "The Current Evangelical Ecumenical Craze." (CON) By Ernest D. Pickering. Note: the site promotes King James Only-ism
Christian Idolatry What it is, where is comes from, where it is, and what will end it. By J.C. Ryle (1816 - 1900).
Christian Martin Luther's 95 Theses
Christian To The Catholic Searching For The Truth (CON)
Christian Whatever Happened to the Gospel? A Review of and Response to "Evangelicals and Catholics Together: The Christian Mission in the Third Millennium." by James White
Christian What separates Evangelicals from Catholics?PDF file by Hank Hanegraaf, Christian Research Institute
Christian What Think Ye Of Rome? Is Roman Catholicism a cult? Many evangelicals maintain that Protestants who answer no to this question are selling out the Protestant Reformation. Kenneth R. Samples presents the case for not classifying the Catholic church as a cult, while also highlighting the major doctrines which continue to separate Catholics from evangelical Protestants. From the Christian Research Journal
Part 2  Part 3  Part 4


Christian Protestants & Catholics: Do They Now Agree? by John Ankerberg and John Weldon Written to examine the issues surrounding the "Evangelicals and Catholics Together " agreement, this book provides an excellent, analysis of the doctrines and practices which separate Protestants and Catholics. Highly recommended.
Christian Roman Catholics and Evangelicals: Agreements and Differences By Norman Geisler and Ralph MacKenzie



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