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Conspiracy Theories

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Conspiracy Theories

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Christian Christians and Conspiracy Theories Excellent article showing why Christians should be careful in what they believe or repeat.
Secular Conspiracy Theories and Paranoia: Notes from a Mind-Control Conference By Evan Harrington, Skeptical Inquirer, Sep/Oct 1996
Christian Fantasies, Legends, and Heroes Subtitled, "What You Know May Not Be So and How To Tell The Difference." By Bob Passantino.
Secular How to build your own conspiracy theory ''With a little paranoia and a vivid imagination, the Web can help you make the most unreasonable connections seem downright logical.''
Secular Why Believe That For Which There Is No Good Evidence? (Contra) by Robyn M. Dawes, University Professor of Psychology at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This paper was presented at the Fourth Annual Convention of the American Psychology Society, San Diego, June 20, 1992. Deals with "repressed" child sexual and/or "Satanic Ritual Abuse"


"Just because overarching conspiracy theories are wrong does not mean they are not on to something," opines Fenster in this commendably level-headed analysis of the grip that conspiracy theories maintain on contemporary America. He does not bother sifting for truth in the The X-Files, the Clinton Chronicles or JFK, but he does pay close attention to those who believe and promulgate conspiracy theoriesAwhat he calls the "conspiracy community." Even if every conspiracy theory is patently false (Fenster does not marshal evidence either way), he argues that mainstream culture's affinity for conspiracy theory is an important phenomenon itself. The "conspiracy" tag can be used to delegitimize others' opinions, as when the allegations that the CIA helped bring crack into East L.A. were written off as part of the African-American community's supposed susceptibility to conspiracy. And conspiracy theory is too often simply the cover story for racists and anti-Semites. But Fenster also notes that conspiracy theory serves a useful purpose as a balm to the politically alienated segments of society, and he optimistically interprets the popular pursuit of uncovering the hidden mechanics of power as evidence of a latent populism waiting to harnessed. By neither dismissing conspiracy theorists as paranoid kooks nor being seduced by their yarns, Fenster constructs a strong case that even while we do not believe, we should nonetheless listen.
Publishers Weekly
"Paul Coughlin has spent years reviewing the origins of the hundreds of conspiracy theories in this country and has personally interviewed dozens of men and women at 'ground zero,' those who were there during the alleged incident, or those who were the makers of such theories. As an FBI Agent for twenty-five years, including service with the FBI's Behavioral Science or 'Silence of the Lambs' Unit, it is clear to me that Paul has one open agenda, "the truth." It is out there, and it is in this book."
Clinton R. Van Zandt, the FBI's former Chief Hostage Negotiator and Behavioral Science Unit Supervisor, quoted on the author's web site
Throughout its history, America has been exposed to a multitude of chilling theories about "what's really going on behind the scenes." Many believe that the world economy and its political and social systems are controlled by a few sinister men belonging to secret organizations that seek to rule the earth. A host of Christian teachers have tapped into conspiracy theories to design their own end times scenarios. But how do their prophetic schemes hold up against Scripture, logic, and history? In Selling Fear, historian Gregory Camp offers a sane examination of conspiracy theories that have cropped up over the years and exposes the false teachings and assumptions that have instilled fear in the uninformed. As the new millennium dawns, and end-times paranoia becomes more apparent, Selling Fear will help readers discern the truth amid a barrage of errant teaching, providing a defense against prophetic beliefs that are grounded only in ignorance and fear.
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