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The Calvary Chapel FUAQ web site is keyed "grey" (grey zone) due to the web-master's rabid, un-Christlike behavior in the arcc-c newsgroup

FUAQ stands for Frequently Un-Asked Questions. While on the surface it may appear some legitimate issues are presented, few people take this particular messenger seriously, for reasons described here - as well as in the items referred to below.

Note: Gilliland's "questions" are adequately answered here

Phil Johnson, who works with John McArthur, describes the purported theological portion of the site - under the heading "Bad Theology" - as follows:

Doug's Theological Papers
Doug enjoys muckraking as much as he likes theology, it seems. Hank Hanegraaf and Calvary Chapel are his favorite targets. So are both Calvinism and dispensationalism. Some interesting reading here, but take it all with a generous helping of salt: or better yet, a dose of Ipecac.

John Baskette, answering an online question on behalf of the Passantinos, wrote:

Gilliland and the Passantinos are friends, but the Passantinos do not wish to be associated with and do not support his methods of ministry as seen in the calvary-chapel posts. The Passantinos and Doug also have significantly different views on a number of subjects. It would not be correct to presume that the Passantinos have the same viewpoints as Doug with respect to Calvary Chapel either.

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