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Christian Science -- official name: The Church of Christ, Scientist -- is neither science, nor Christian.

Founder Mary Baker Eddy (1821 - 1910) believed that sickness is an illusion that can be corrected by prayer alone. The Bible does not teach that. (See: Faith healing)

Christian Science rejects and/or redefines key doctrines of the Christian faith, inclucing those on the trinity and on the deity of Christ.

This means that though the movement claims to be a return to early Christianity, Christian Science is theologically a cult of Christianity.

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Christian Christian Science A profile by Watchman Fellowship
Christian Christian Science: healing to death Watchman Fellowship shows this movement denies the reality of sickness.
Secular Suffering Children and the Christian Science Church 1995 Atlantic Monthly article. "The unwillingness of many Christian Science parents to seek help from physicians for their critically ill children has led to many painful and unnecessary deaths and, increasingly, to legal actions that have become burdensome to the Church and its members"
Secular When faith fails children--religion-based neglect: Pervasive, deadly...and legal? Excerpted article from Humanist, Nov. 1, 2000. Written by former Christian Scientists who lost their son as a result of their religious beliefs regarding medical care.

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