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Cult Solutions is a US-based cult information organization that provides ''research and consultation to law enforcement agencies worldwide.'' It has repeatedly requested to be listed in Apologetics Index, but has also repeatedly failed to respond to requests for info about a) its affiliations and b) its ''dedicated team of professionals'', and c) its position on cult defenders organizations like CESNUR, and anticult organizations like AFF. The team is lead by Marcos Quinones, who ''currently trains law enforcement agencies throughout the world on Cult and Occult activities.''

The only information provided is a formletter stating

Thank you for your inquiry to Cult Solutions.

Cult Solutions has been organized by a dedicated team of professionals, bringing a wealth of experience in the areas of Law Enforcement, Clinical Mental Health, Child Abuse, Religion, Investigation, Intelligence, and Counter-Terrorism.

Leading the team is Marcos Quinones.
Mr. Quinones currently trains law enforcement agencies throughout the world on Cult and Occult activities. The FBI as well as Police Departments worldwide recognize his experience, over 18 years in law enforcement. His investigations have focused on satanic and vampire cults, religious cult activities, and ritual crimes, involving murder, missing persons and ritual child abuse.
Mr. Quinones is a Detective with a Child Abuse Task Force.
He holds as Master's Degree in counseling and religion, and a Doctorate in Theology.
Email, Sept. 10, 1999

A message titled ''Cult Solutions Press Release'' was received on Apr. 8, 2000:

Police in Uganda Overwhelmed by Cult Tragedy; Cult Experts Recruited for History's Largest Mass Murder Investigation

NEW YORK and KAMPALA, Uganda, April 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Ugandan police today said that they are still combing the countryside for additional mass graves of victims of the Doomsday cult which is now blamed for the death of almost 1000 men, women and children, making it the largest mass murder in history. Police say that they are expecting victims of the ''Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments'' massacre to rise well into the thousands. Police report that they are overwhelmed by the numerous grave sites they still have to inspect since they only have a limited number of police investigators. Police spokesman Eric Naigami said, ''Although it is too early to state the exact extent of the damage it is safe to say we were overwhelmed and our resources are really stretched. The situation is even more distressing since we have only one forensic examiner to tend to all the bodies recovered and we don't even have access to body bags.''

As part of this outreach for assistance, the Office of the Inspector General of Police has asked international cult investigators, Cult Solutions Inc. to assist in the investigation. Cult Solutions (http://www.cultsolutions.com) focuses on criminal, religious, forensic, and clinical analysis of cults, the occult, satanic activities and related terrorism, providing investigation, research and consultation to law enforcement agencies worldwide. ''We are prepared to evaluate any forensic evidence, provide training for the police, and data on traumatic aspects and religious impact of the cult,'' said Brian Murphy, its Vice-President.
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Yet AFP reports:

Ugandan police have exhumed all the bodies of those murdered by leaders of the Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God cult, police spokesman Asuman Mugenyi said Tuesday.

During the cult crisis, police officials appealed for international aid to help track down the perpetrators and deal with the tragedy which was far beyond the capacity of Uganda's under-resourced police force, but received no help from any foreign criminal department.

''We didn't get any help, apart from a group called Cult Solutions who sent in a few things -- some gloves, two torches and some cotton wool -- but we are still trying to follow up clues with Interpol as we suspect that some of the cult leaders could have fled the country,'' Mugenyi said.

As requested background information has not been provided to Apologetics Index, we can not recommend this organization. Instead, we refer to such respected organizations as the secular AFF, or the Christian countercult ministry, Watchman Fellowship.

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Secular Cultsolution.com [No longer online. Last Checked: May 28, 2004] Official site. Lacks the content one might expect from an organization that claims to have ''a dedicated team of professionals, bringing a wealth of experience...''