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Ursula Caberta

Ursula Caberta


Ursula Caberta headed the Task Force on Scientology of the Hamburg, Germany, government. The task force was part of Hamburg's national office for the protection of the Constitution.

In 2010 the Task Force was ended due to budgetary reasons, but Caberta continues to keep tabs on the Scientology cult.

Ursula Caberta, who heads a government office in Hamburg that works to curb Scientology in Germany, said Tuesday at a downtown news conference that Scientology is viewed in her country as ''a new kind of political extremism.'' She also alleged that church officials have exaggerated hardships of Scientologists caused by her office and used fraud in an orchestrated effort to persuade U.S. lawmakers to impose sanctions against Germany.
German visitor takes on Scientology, St. Petersburg Times, July 26, 2000

Not surprisingly, Ms. Caberta is constantly harassed by Scientologists. A graphic example was captured on video tape, when a crowd of Scientologists harassed Ms. Carberta on her arrival at the Clearwater, Florida airport.

On Sunday, when Caberta arrived at Tampa International Airport, about a dozen Scientologists greeted her with shouts of ''Nazi, go home!'' and other insults.
German visitor takes on Scientology, St. Petersburg Times, July 26, 2000

Lying and libelling are not uncommon practices for Scientologist, who are notorious for their harassment of Scientology's critics. Remember, Scientologists have referred to themselves as 'the most ethical people on earth.'

Scientologists also use and abuse the legal system to harass their critics. Thus is it not surprising that a Scientologist has recently sued Ms. Caberta over what Scientologists call a ''Sect Filter''

Press Release

Ms. Caberta recently held a press conference at the offices of the Lisa McPherson Trust:

CLEARWATER, Fla., July 17 /PRNewswire/ -- The Lisa McPherson Trust will host a reception and press conference for Ursula Caberta, head of the Task Force on Scientology of the Hamburg, Germany, government, at 10 a.m. on July 25 at the LMT offices located at 33 N. Ft. Harrison Ave. in Clearwater.

Mrs. Caberta will discuss recent revelations that German Scientologist, Antje Victore, submitted fraudulent documents to a Tampa, Florida, judge to obtain political asylum in the United States. Scientologists have hailed Victore -- who now lives and works in Clearwater -- as a martyr of religious persecution, but evidence recently published in the German magazine, Stern, suggests she left Germany to escape tax problems.

Mrs. Caberta, who knows Victore personally, will discuss the findings of the Stern article written by Christine Kruttschnitt.

In addition, she will highlight the activities of her task force and the harassment to which she has been subjected at the hands of the Scientology organization in Germany.

``Each day, every morning, Scientologists are picketing from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. at my office. They tell my boss he has to fire me,'' she said. ``Fire her! Fire her!''

The Scientologists, she said, have also distributed flyers throughout Hamburg attacking her character.

Mrs. Caberta will discuss the case of a former German Scientologist who has brought suit against Scientology in Clearwater, Berlin and Copenhagen for lost wages and imprisonment. The suit claims he was held prisoner for two weeks in a six-foot square, windowless room in Clearwater and was subjected to ``psychological torture.''

Additionally, Mrs. Caberta will detail her extensive investigation of commercial fraud by Scientology-run companies in Germany under the direction of Scientology's secular business arm known as the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises, or WISE.

Mrs. Caberta served as an expert on the Enquete Commission of the Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany, which conducted an investigation of cults, including Scientology, from 1996 to 1998. Prior to heading up the task force, she served as the foreign and legal affairs representative in the Hamburg Parliament.

A live audio stream will be available on the LMT website, http://www.lisatrust.net, during the conference, and an archive of the event will be available at the website after the conference. Press and/or government officials may contact Karin D. Case of the Lisa McPherson Trust at 727-467-9335 for an invitation to the conference.
Head of Germany's Scientology Task Force to Speak in Clearwater, Fla., Announces Lisa McPherson Trust, Yahoo/PRNewswire/Lisa McPherson Trust, July 17, 2000 (Press Release)


Secular Der Geheimdienst der Scientology-Organisation (German) A report by Hamburg's office for the protection of the Constitution. Describes Scientology's secret service. (English translation by CISAR)
Secular Verfassungsschutz in Hamburg (German language only) Describes the task of the office for the protection of the Constitution.

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