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Carpet Time

Carpet Time

Manifestation promoted especially (though not exclusively) by proponents of some current renewal and revival movements.

In a practice said to have been introduced by Kathryn Kuhlman, people who receive what they consider to tbe a "touch of the Holy Spirit" pass out on the floor, where they are said to "rest in the Spirit." Many people do not pass out completely, but rather "yield" - i.e., they voluntarily fall to the floor.

Churches like the Vineyard Movement, the Toronto Christian Fellowship, and preachers like Benny Hinn say they do not completely understand why people fall "under the power of the Spirit." However, they do claim God can more easily do a work of healing, renewal, and/or impartation while a person ''does carpet time.''

People who do not fall are sometimes referred to as "HTR" - Hard To Receive.