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Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry (C.A.R.M.)

Christian Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry (C.A.R.M.)

Extensive apologetics site operated by Matt Slick. Includes information about the major cults of Christianity. CARM also addresses some secular issues, including abortion, atheism, the creation/evolution debate, and relativism.

The site includes a handy theological dictionary, as well as active discussion boards.

CARM is 501(c)3 non-profit, Internet based ministry with three main goals:
  1. Equip Christians in the truth
    • CARM does this by providing informationon Christian Doctrine, theology, evangelism, and other subjects.  The goal is to present an accurate and biblical representation of Christian truth.

  2. Answer opposition to the Christian faith
    • CARM does this by documenting the beliefs of cult groups, aberrant religious groups, and alternative religious systems and compares them to biblical revelation.

  3. Bring glory and honor to the name of Jesus
    • CARM does this by presenting the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ....


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