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Dialog Center International

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Christian Dialog Center International


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The Dialog Center is the name of a nationwide [Danish] network, founded as a result of the growth of New Religious Movements (NRMs) in Denmark and elsewhere. The purpose of the Dialog Center is to communicate the Christian faith to people of other beliefs and convictions in a dialog. In relation to the neo-religiosity, our intention is to realize a dialog in confrontation.

There also is an international division - Dialog Center International:

The DCI operates in Bombay, Delhi, and Bangkok, where the main target is the dialog with Hindus and Buddhists. The DCI also operates in several European countries, the Baltic countries, and Russia. Every year the DCI arranges an international seminar in Denmark on new religious movements, and together with other organizations hold similar seminars around Europe.

Dialogue Centre London: London WC1N 3XX, UK Tel: 01235 528 762


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Dialog Center International
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