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Why Disclaimers?

In today's litigious society, it has become necessary to anticipate the use and abuse of legal challenges on the part of those who hate free speech - including those who try to stiffle or punish opposing opinions.


Your continued use of this site indicates understanding of and agreement with the terms set forth in this statement.

Information within these pages is offered to facilitate research. Listing links to sites, articles, or other items does not indicate automatic agreement with everything the publishers of those pages believe, offer, provide, link to, grow, bake or sell. Apologetics Index is not responsible for the content of sites and pages outside of its control.

Original information on this site is personal opinion protected under freedom of speech laws in the sovereign country of the Netherlands, of which the publisher of this site is a resident.

Information provided by third parties (articles, statements of opinion, news items, press releases, etcetera) is included for information and research purposes only. The publisher of Apologetics Index does not automatically agree with everything posted within these pages - nor do third parties whose material is included automatically agree with everything posted on Apologetics Index.

Where links have added to quotes and other third party material, the original author and/or publisher do not necessarily agree with the information linked to.

If you can not handle free speech and freedom of expression, check with your Internet Service Provider to arrange a refund. Stay away from libraries. Don't visit Holland. Do get some counseling.

A listing on the Apologetics Index web site does not necessarily mean that its publisher or anyone else connected with Apologetics Index perceives the group (movement, ministry, organization, and/or related individuals and entities) to be a cult (or cultic), to practice coercive or destructive tactics, or to be in violation of any law. It simply means that Apologetics Index has information on the group (movement, ministry, organization, and/or related individuals and entities) and/or has received inquiries from current and former members, their family, professionals, the media, or the general public.

If any of the information provided within these pages is considered illegal in your place of residence (or at the location from which you are accessing the Internet), it is your responsibility to decide whether or not you wish to continue using this site.

If any of the original information provided within these pages is considered incorrect, Apologetics Index welcomes documented corrections.

Neither Apologetics Index nor any third party provider of information guarantees the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any content, nor its merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. (Don't you just love legalese?)

Information found within these pages may not be used to plan, commit, encourage or defend any illegal and/or unethical acts. Nothing contained on this site can in any way be construed as encouraging or condoning such acts.

Apologetics Index accepts no responsibility for the acts of third parties. That means: linking or referring to third parties (including their web sites, organizations, publications, etcetera) does not make us responsible for what those third parties believe, do, publish, organize, post, etcetera. (Again, keep in mind that Apologetics Index points to research resources, including sites, articles, individuals and organizations whose viewpoints the publisher of AI does not necessarily condone or support).

Copyrighted material, trademarks, and other proprietary information should be handled in accordance with the law. All original information on this site is © copyrighted by Apologetics Index. Other material is either a) posted by permission, b) in the free domain, or c) used in accordance with the fair use concept referred to in international copyright law. All brand names and product names are trademarks, registered trademarks or service marks of their respective holders.

Any and all META tags, page titles, keywords and others content descriptions used throughout this site are intended to facilitate research by enabling those search engines that use these features to find, catalog, and present these pages in targeted search results. Unless specifically disclosed, they are not intended to convey any official relationship with or representation of or by the owners of the respective trademarks, service marks and/or copyrights.

Questions or comments regarding copyright, trademark, proprietary and other issues may be sent via this page.

Legal communications are accepted via registered snailmail (regular mail) only. Harassment, intimidation, and threats of legal action (real, veiled, or perceived) will be made public, and will be used as evidence in any subsequent court case.

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