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Dick and Suyapa Flores de Leon

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Dick and Suyapa Flores

Aberrational, Heretical, Heterodox, Suborthodox or Unorthodox Dick and Suyapa Flores de Leon
Aberrational, Heretical, Heterodox, Suborthodox or Unorthodox aka: Richard and Ruth Flores de Leon


Controversial, former pastors of Solid Rock - an abusive, elitist church in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In churches throughout Amsterdam, people can be found who have been hurt at Solid Rock, particularly under the erstwhile leadership of Dick and Suyapa Flores.
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After leaving Amsterdam in January, 2001, Dick and Suyapa Flores (now calling themselves "Flores de Leon") have been associated with a number of ministries.

In February, 2002, Dick Flores returned to Holland to speak at a conference organized by the Levend Evangelie Gemeente (LEG) in Aalsmeer. But after a number of former Solid Rock members contacted leaders at the LEG regarding Flores' behavior and theology, he was not allowed to preach there.

They have been associated with Harvest World Outreach Ministries as "Associate Pastors and Project Co-ordinators for the Mandeville Campus" (Lousiana).

They were briefly associated with the Global Strategy Mission Association, where they billed themselves as "Urban Missionaries."

They are (or have also been) involved with the G12 cell church movement. An Oct. 2000, article identified Dick Flores as "G12 Europe Director." This is worrisome, because to date, Dick and Suyapa Flores de Leon have not accepted responsibility for the problems they caused in the lives of many people.

Name Change

In 2006 various concerned people reported that Dick and Suyapa moved to Spain where they started a church called Iglesia Evangelica de Estepona. It was also reported that they 'changed their names' and are now known as Richard and Ruth Flores de Léon -- though this may simply be a case of preference.

Still in Estepona, they currently run a small church called Una Nación Grande. The church does not appear to be affiliated with any organization. Dick and Suyapa refer to themselves as 'Missionary Church Planters.'

Not surprisingly, someone who recently (December, 2013) got in touch with them regarding some issues was told (in a SMS message) slanderous and libelous lies about the founder of this website -- who briefly was a member of their Solid Rock Church before confronting them about a variety of problematic issues.

They now also claim their work in Amsterdam was with "troubled youth & young adults."
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If reading this entry causes you to 'trigger,' please be sure to read our resources on abusive churches and spiritual abuse, as well as the online book, Recovering From Churches That Abuse.

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