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Fire Tunnels (Toronto Blessing)

Fire Tunnels (Toronto Blessing)

Fire Tunnels (Toronto Blessing)

Fire Tunnels

Toront Blessing Terminology

A phenomenon found primarily within the Toronto Blessing Movement, though reportedly also taking place in other modern renewal and revival movements.

Here is how one person described the concept on the pro-Toronto New Wine mailing list: [reformatted; spelling as is; names replaced with ***]

Instead of ministry time Saturday night they had 8 fire tunnels set up around the building. This is where you go between 2 rows of ministry people and they reach out and pray for you and bless you. It is quite the expierence. I like how one person put it "It is God's answer to running the gauntlet"

We made it upstairs to the fire tunnel they had in the upper room. *** could harldy walk. I couldn't get him to sober up enought to walk. I thought this could be interesting. We arrived at the mouth of the tunnel and took one step in. *** crashed right down and the dragers had to pull his body out of the tunnel to a vacant spot on the floor. I walked through the rest of tunnel by myself. and eventually ended up on the floor beside ***. After awhile, I watched the 2 tunnels they had set up. Not many people walked out of them the same way they walked in. :> Most people were carried out. :>

A while later we decided to go downstairs and try another one. *** and I approached the first couple. *** was not standing and I had him draped over my shoulder. The lady took one look and said "This is just asking for it!!!!" One step in and we both went crashing into the ground hard. And once again they were pulling *** out and I was stumbling out behind him.

Then I thought "I want to do one by myself." So I left *** on the floor at the back of the auditorium and went to the fire tunnel they had at the front. I looked up towards heaven and toldGod "Do anything. to me. I do not care. I effectivly give control back to you." I had watched all the manifestations all week and thought "I am tougher than that. I do not need this. I am a biologist for heaven's sake." I am an extremely anyalytical person who needs an explanation for everything. I am extremely reserved and cautious. And like to "put things under a microscope" all the time. Well, by Saturday night I decided to quit fighting it and give god permission to do whatever he wanted. So I was ready and open for anything. I took a deep breath and started into the tunnel. *** was right at the front of it. (He is a notorious drunk and can set others off quite rapidly.) I lost my balnce and stumbled, ythen walked through in an upright position. I came out the other end in a standing postion. I was slightly dissapointed. I thought "Gee. Is that it????" I heard God quietly say "No that is not it. I have poured into you. You just do not feel it yet. So hang on." 5 minutes later as I was walking down the asile to the bac of the auditorium I passed by somebody crunching. And to my surprise I did the same thing. Then I couldn't walk straight. Then everything seemed really funny and I ended up laughing a lot.[sic]
Source: Message on New Wine Mailing List, July 29, 1998

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Fire Tunnels (Toronto Blessing)
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