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Before You Contact Us

Thanks for your interest in Apologetics Index (or any of our other websites)! We value all constructive comments and helpful suggestions.

However, we have a hard time keeping up with the huge amount of messages we receive, so if you have a question, please first check whether it is answered in

How to use this site,
About Apologetics Index, or
How you can help

Select the right form

To help us effectively handle your feedback, please select the correct form:
Comments, Questions, Suggestions
Report a Factual Error
Document your Disagreement

  • Comments, Questions, Suggestions

    Use this form when you wish to contact us for something else than the reporting of a factual error or to document your disagreement with something found at our website.

    Please note: Apologetics Index does not provide custom research. If you need help finding resources on subjects not (yet) addressed at this site, we recommend that you subscribe to the AR-talkOff-site Link mailing list, where many apologists, counter-cult ministers and other religion professionals request and share research resources.

    Send us a comment, question, or suggestion

  • Report A Factual Error

    If you found a factual error, we'd sure like to know about it. But first, note that we can not make corrections to material that is quoted from third-party sources:

    Throughout Apologetics Index, quoted material looks like this. The text of quoted material is offset, the font usually is colored 'navy,' and there is a light blue bar to the left of the quote.

    Note: if you think a quote is copied incorrectly feel free to let us know. However, if you disagree with the information expressed in the quote itself, contact the author of the quote instead.

    Alert us to a factual error

  • Document Your Disagreement

    In our experience, most people who disagree with something found on this site do not understand a) the purpose of Apologetics Index, and/or b) how the site works.

    Since this may include you, we ask that you read the information on this page before sharing your disagreement with us:
    What to do if you disagree with Apologetics Index.

    A link to the proper feedback form is included on that page.

    (Note: We do not reply, nor act upon, 'disagreement' feedback that does not adhere to the instructions listed there).

    Document your disagreement

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