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About This Entry

This entry provides a brief look at The Gentle Wind Project. For in-depth information we refer you to our collection of research resources.

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Not So Gentle Wind

In January, 2004, the Gentle Wind Project bought the domain name eyeinthesky.org.

Gentle Wind described the purpose of that website posted at that URL - and removed in September, 2004 - as follows:

Welcome To Eye of The Sky (TM)
The Watchdog's Watchdog

Sponsored by The Gentle Wind Project ®

The Gentle Wind Project has opened this website as a forum for the organization to respond to critical hoaxes published about it on the Internet as a covert way of selling their products and services, and to present the truth about The Gentle Wind Project so the public has the benefit of balanced information.

Most of these hoaxers are commercial websites as indicated by their .com title. There is another ".org" which is also a front for further commercial enterprises. Some of the sites are extreme right wing religious slander groups pushing political agendas that have no connection to the overall wellbeing of humanity or the motives of this project or the effectiveness of our healing technology.

Not one of these websites has ever made an inquiry to The Gentle Wind Project to check facts, review literature or do ANY kind of clinical study to support their claims. None.

The Gentle Wind Project (GWP) has lived with criticisms and attempts to stop its work for years. Most often, these criticisms have been merely reflections of the harm and hurt the critics themselves have incurred. It is well understood in humanity that when hoaxes, created out of outrageously false claims and unfounded stories are made, they are often generated out of the critic’s own lives.

Sometimes critics are actually anarchists, who are by definition, “people who seek a state of political and social confusion and disorder,” and who seek to destroy whatever is in place.

While we respect the rights of people to have a variety of opinions about us, we also feel that we have the right to present the truth about GWP to the best of our ability and let the reader decide the veracity of these statements for him or herself.
Source: Eye Of The SkyOff-site Link "Where Decency, Truth and Reality still Rule...." Page archived by the WayBackMachine
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The site emphatically states that the Gentle Wind Project is not a cult. It also specifically attacks Jim Bergin and Judy Garvey by name.

For instance, it refers to James Bergin's article, Inside the 'Gentle Wind Project': A Husband's PerspectiveOff-site Link as a "fantasy" and acuses him of libel:

Bergin's fantasy takes a different approach than Garvey's. He attempts to prop up the hoaxed Garvey piece with pseudo-intellectual, inappropriate "footnotes" that are portrayed as actual "proof" that some malfeasance existed, when it did not, and is intended to help the reader "connect the dots" showing that a cult existed, which it did not.

The Bergin piece also attempts to present a more sophisticated and crafted work yet contains out and out libel without proof of any kind and attempts to cover this glaring omission with of all things, foot notes and references of disassociated information and unconnected passages from other books, as if that is all you need to libel and slander someone with complete impunity and to do this on a website in England where "anything goes" without the necessity of any proof whatsoever. No matter how hard anyone may try, 6 fulltime employees of a Research and Development Group (11 employees now) do NOT make a cult. Period. Ever.
Source: Eye Of The SkyOff-site Link "Where Decency, Truth and Reality still Rule...." Page archived by the WayBackMachine
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It should be noted that Bergin and Garvey's web site includes the following disclaimer:

The information within the Wind of Changes website is being provided to offer accounts to the public of former members’ personal experiences with the Gentle Wind Project leaders. The mention and/or inclusion of the Gentle Wind Project, its leaders, and members does not define the Gentle Wind Project as a "cult" and/or an individual mentioned as either harmful and/or destructive.

All the information about the Gentle Wind Project, or other groups or individuals mentioned or included on this website, must be evaluated and judged by each reader, through a process of individual and independent reading and thought. The Gentle Wind Project’s own official website, which reflects their views, is at www.gentlewindproject.org, or see archived versions from 1998 to Dec. 2003. A second GWP website www.eyeofthesky.org, was removed by GWP during September 2004 (Why?) View one page of an archived "Eye of the Sky."

Wind of Changes does not necessarily endorse or support any of the views expressed within the books, website links, and outside opinions listed on each page of this website. They are provided only for the convenience of researchers and those concerned with learning more.
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In answer to the Gentle Wind Project's charges, Jim Bergin and Judy Garvey have also posted a Statement Concerning Their Personal StoriesOff-site Link

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• Subject: The Gentle Wind Project
• First posted: Mar. 23, 2005
• Editor: Anton and Janet Hein
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