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About This Entry

This entry provides a brief look at The Gentle Wind Project. For in-depth information we refer you to our collection of research resources.

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While the publishers of Apologetics Index operate from an orthodox, evangelical Christian point of view, the intent of this site is to provide research resources from a variety of perspectives.

Therefore, unlike many other websites that deal with the issues we address, many topics on this site include links to Christian, non-Christian and secular research resources, presented from neutral, pro, and contra viewpoints.

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» See also our Gentle Wind Project news archive

Secular Gentle Wind ProjectOff-site Link Entry on the group at Cults.co.nz, a websites about "cults, sects, religions, Christian organizations, and other groups." Site operator Ian Manders was among those sued by The Gentle Wind Project for posting information about the group at his site. Manders, whose website is located in New Zealand, has not responded to the lawsuit or to The Gentle Wind's threats
Secular The Gentle Wind ProjectOff-site Link PDF file (Contra) by Ivan Fraser Editor of The Truth CampaignOff-site Link magazine & Steve Gamble, of EquilibraOff-site Link. The Truth Campaign magazine, issue 25 Autumn 2002. Note: The Gentle Wind Project's lawsuit against Ivan and Steve was dismissedOff-site Link from court.
Secular Gentle Wind Project - a charitable foundation or a cult?Off-site Link Links and comments from Canadian Quakery Watch
Secular The Gentle Wind Project: A Healing TechnologyOff-site Link (Pro) Published online by Positive Health, the "Complimentary Medicine Magazine." Article written by Mary Miller, co-founder and co-leader of the Gentle Wind Project.
Secular "Gentle Wind Project" ExposedOff-site Link (Contra) by Dave TouretzkyOff-site Link, Research Professor in the Computer Science Department and the Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition at Carnegie Mellon University.
The Gentle Wind Project sells "healing instruments" that they claim were designed by benevolent space aliens who communicate telepathically with their leader, John Miller. One of these instruments is a hockey puck that sold for $300 to $450. (Newer puck models sell for as much as $5850, and other designs go for even more!) We have obtained an early model puck and photographed the insides.
Secular Inside the "Gentle Wind Project": A Husband's PerspectiveOff-site Link (Contra) by Jim Bergin, of the Wind of ChangesOff-site Link website
Secular Insiders' StoriesOff-site Link (PDF versionOff-site Link PDF file) (Contra) Part of Bergin and Garvey's Wind of ChangesOff-site Link website. The report is based on the BITE modelOff-site Link (Behavior, Information, Thought, and Emotional Control) developed by Steven Alan Hassan, author of Releasing the Bonds: Empowering People to Think for ThemselvesOff-site Link and Combatting Cult Mind ControlOff-site Link
This information has been compiled, edited, and written by Judy Garvey and Jim Bergin -- both former members of the Gentle Wind Project -- based on their personal experiences with the group and its leaders from 1983-2000 (as members) and from 2000-2005 (after leaving the group). Information has also been gathered from stories of personal experiences of other GWP former and present members.
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Secular Gentle Wind ProjectOff-site Link (Contra) A FACTNet message board.
Secular Victims of the Gentle Wind ProjectOff-site Link (Contra) Yahoo! Groups discussion forum.
This discussion group is for people who have been scammed by the so called "healing instruments" sold by the Gentle Wind Project. This group is a resource for people to discuss their experiences, share evidence and raise public awareness about this group.
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• Subject: The Gentle Wind Project
• First posted: Mar. 23, 2005
• Last Updated: Mar. 24, 2005
• Editor: Anton and Janet Hein
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