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How to link to Apologetics Index

How to link to Apologetics Index

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How to link

You are welcome to link to any page or individual entry in Apologetics Index. (Doing so is sometimes called ''deep linking.'')


While you are free to link to any page or individual entry within Apologetics Index, the look, "feel" and original content of the Apologetics Index are © Copyright 1996-2003 by Apologetics Index .

Note that Apologetics Index copyrights the look, feel and original content of its website for one reason only: to protect the integrity of the material presented. If you wish to use any of our original material, please feel free to contact us.

Apologetics Index also uses fair use quotations, as well as material for which permission for publication at this site has been obtained by Apologetics Index.

Therefore, you may not copy and reproduce pages or entries verbatim (in any medium, including - but not limited to - Usenet newsgroups, mailing lists, and web pages) without express, written (on paper) permission. You may also not frame any of AI's pages, as that would be a violation of the "fair use" principle embodied in international Copyright Laws.


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