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CESNUR Explains Why Jehovah's Witnesses Did Not Participate
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CESNUR Explains
Why Jehovah's Witnesses Did Not Participate


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CESNUR objects to the public availability of this letter, and has requested CMR's publisher to remove it from this web site by the end of business, Wednesday, December 23, 1998.

However, attorneys consulted by CMR's publisher state that reproduction of this letter is legal under US and Dutch laws.

The letter is publicly available at http://www.cftf.com/online/1999JanMarp13.gif, which is part of the "Comments from the Friends" web site, located in the United States of America. The photograph below is transcluded (loaded) from that site. This transclusion is part of CMR's report on the dispute between CESNUR and "Comments from the Friends". As such it is covered under the concepts of "fair reporting," "fair comment," and "qualified privilege".

As always, CMR's standard disclaimer applies.

Letter as it appears at http://www.cftf.com/online/1999JanMarp13.gif, from which it is transcluded:

Regarding the "Transylvanian Society of Dracula" and it's "academic" research, see

Read the CESNUR lawyer's letter here. Incidentally: The "lawyers for CESNUR U.S.A." Mr. Introvigne referred to actually turned out to be a lawyer named Michael Homer, identified in CESNUR's 1998 Conference brochure as "CESNUR U.S.A., Salt Lake City, Utah"

More information on CESNUR and Massimo Introvigne