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Founded by Scientology-critic Bob Minton, The Lisa McPherson Trust will educate the public regarding the dangers of Scientology. It will also provide exit-counseling services to ex-members.

Minton announced the Trust in the alt.religion.scientology newsgroup:

When Lisa McPherson joined scientology at the age of 18 in Dallas, Texas, I'm sure she believed that the next 18 years would be the best years of her life. Instead, 1977 to 1995 turned out to a living hell for Lisa that was full of lies, deceptions, disappointments and betrayal which is typical behavior for a destructive mind control group like scientology. This betrayal of Lisa's trust by scientology culminated on November 18, 1995 when she was incarcerated for 17 days of torture by scientology and her "friends" at the Fort Harrison Hotel. Lisa allegedly died on (but most likely before) December 5, 1995 like a caged animal and no one in scientology cared about Lisa as she lay dead with cockroaches feeding off what little fluids remained in her battered and bruised body.

The Lisa McPherson Trust is a direct outgrowth of several very significant events relating to Lisa's death: A) the fateful call by Fanny McPherson to an attorney by the name of Ken Dandar who was and is both courageous enough and pure enough to withstand the assaults of scientology; B) the internet awareness campaign started by Jeff Jacobsen which helped bring the tragic death of Lisa McPherson to national attention; C) the death-bed request by Fanny McPherson to Ken Dandar that she wanted Ken to let the world know what scientology did to Lisa; and D) the continued courage of Lisa's remaining family led by Dell Liebreich to make scientology accountable for Lisa's tragic death.

The Lisa McPherson Trust has been charged by the memory and suffering of Lisa McPherson and her family to be like the Surgeon General's report on cigarette packages and we will stick to the side of scientology as a WARNING to consumers that "scientology and all other destructive mind contol cults are dangerous to your health, your emotional well-being, your bank account and your very life."

Lisa McPherson's memory will live on long past the minor footprint left by scientology on this planet. We at The Lisa McPherson Trust will see to that.

I would like to add my enormous thanks to following people who have agreed to serve in various capacities for The Lisa McPherson Trust:

Board Members:

Peter Alexander
Stacy Brooks
Gabe Cazares
Patricia Greenway
Brian Haney
Jeff Jacobsen
Rod Keller
Kim Krenek
Dell Liebreich
Ed Lottick
Bob Minton
Duncan Pierce
Jesse Prince

Several Board members will be active in staff positions but the real workhorses will be:

David Cecere, Executive Director
Kim Baker, Deputy Executive Director
Mark Bunker, Multimedia Coordinator
Grady Ward, Webmaster and Security Coordinator
   other positions are yet to be finalized.

An Advisory Committee is being put together which so far consists of the following individuals:

Gerry Armstrong
Ida Camburn
Ken Dandar
Ray Emmons
Steve Hassan
Keith Henson
Dan Leipold
Arnie Lerma
Margaret Singer
Lawrence Wollersheim
   others TBA

Again, many thanks to everyone who has agreed to be part of this exciting and dynamic effort to expose scientology and all destructive mind control cults.
Bob Minton, The Lisa McPherson Trust becomes reality--Welcome to Clearwater, Nov. 4, 1999. Msg ID: <xvIgONPA9w2rtvYWGRVF9BN4YifJ@4ax.com>

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The Lisa McPherson Trust
P.O.Box 1049
Clearwater, Florida 33757

Email: davidcecere@lisamcphersontrust.net
ed@lisamcphersontrust.net (Copied to David Cecere)

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Secular The Lisa McPherson Trust "The mission of the Lisa McPherson Trust is to expose the abusive and deceptive practices of the Church of Scientology and to help those who have been victimized by it. These were the final wishes of Lisa McPherson's mother, Fannie, who died before the Church of Scientology was held to account for Lisa's death."
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