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Left Behind
The faulty end times theology
of Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins

Left Behind, Tim LaHaye, Jerry Jenkins, revelation, prophecy, end time, rapture, second coming of christ

Left Behind : Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins

Left Behind

The faulty end times theology of Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins

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Two things must be said about the theology in the Left Behind series. First, as a work of fiction, Left Behind does not present the bible or theology in a systematic way. It is informed by a number of biblical passages, but it is, in the end, fiction. It should not be viewed as a key to understanding the bible or a textbook that will describe the events surrounding the return of Christ. Second, insofar as it is informed by a theological understanding, it is a kind of premillenial dispensationalism that is described in detail in the General Assembly paper, "Eschatology: The Doctrine of Last Things." In 1944 the Presbyterian Church General Assembly concluded:
It is the unanimous opinion of your Committee that Dispensationalism as defined and set forth above is out of accord with the system of the doctrine set forth in the Confession of Faith, not primarily or simply in the field of eschatology, but because it attacks the very heart of the Theology of our Church, which is unquestionably a Theology of one Covenant of Grace. 5

A seminary professor who has delved into the Book of Revelation believes the "Left Behind" fiction series has some positive points but a raft of faulty theology.

Loren Johns, academic dean at Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary in Elkhart, Ind., told a Feb. 28 convocation at Bethel College that the popular end-times books by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins "exude an evangelical warmth and passion that I find encouraging."

At the same time, he said, because of the consumerist, militaristic values expressed, "I view the series as a rejection of the good news of Christ."

Johns believes the popularity of the series, and the public's penchant for end-times prophecy, spring from a basic misreading of Revelation.
Source: Professor critiques 'Left Behind' booksPDF file By Robert Rhodes, Mennonite Weekly Review

The publishers of Apologetics Index reject the end-time theology promoted by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins.


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» The Left Behind Series (Note: Due to its faulty theology, these books are not recommended by Apologetics Index).



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