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About This Entry

This entry provides a brief look at the Mormon Church. For in-depth information we refer you to our collection of research resources.

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The God of Mormonism

As noted, Mormonism's key doctrines are not found in the Book of Mormon, but rather in its later scriptures - Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price.

These works are as problematic as the Book of Mormon is. They share the latter's dubious origin, and have been subjected to the same kind of revisionist editing. In addition, the key points of Mormon doctrine regarding God taught in these books are absent from - or contradicted by - both the Bible and the Book of Mormon

Mormons do not find their doctrines about God in the Bible or the Book of Mormon. Their severest doctrinal deviations come from Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price. The "most correct of any book upon the earth", as Joseph Smith called the Book of Mormon, contradicts Mormonism. So does the Bible.
Source: A Guide to Cults & New Religions by Ron Enroth and others, p.133

So why do the Mormons at your door insist they believe in the God of the Bible? John Ankerberg and John Weldon, in their Encyclopedia of Cults & New Religions explain:

[W]hen Mormons claim that they believe in the biblical God what they mean is that the Bible teaches the Mormon concept of God. Further, because of its alleged apostacy, Christianity lost the true teaching of God and therefore the historic Christian doctrine of God is not truly biblical. This leaves Mormons free to concede that their concept of deity is contrary to traditional Christian faith. And this they do. William O. Nelson, Director of the Melchizedek Priesthood Department, agrees, "Some who write anti-mormon pamplets insist that the Latter-day Saint concept of Deity is contrary to what is recognized as traditional Christian doctrine. In this they are quite correct." So the real issue is to ascertain the true biblical teaching on the nature of God.
Source: Encyclopedia of Cults & New Religions, John Ankerberg and John Weldon, p. 294

Mormon Concept of Deity Biblical, Christian Concept of Deity
Material (a physical body of flesh and bones) Immaterial (spirit)
Mortal, finite Immortal, infinite
Changeable, evolving Immutable
Physically localized Omnipresent
Polygamous or incestuous Jesus was monogamous (celibate)
Polytheistic Monotheistic
Tri-theistic (three earth gods) Trinitarian
Exalted saved man Eternal deity
Eternally progressing in certain attributes (early Mormonism) Eternally immutable in all characteristics
Feminine counterpart (heavenly mother) No feminine counterpart
Adam, once considered God (early Mormonism) Adam, a creation of God
Jesus, begotten by Elohim's physical intercourse with Mary Jesus, begotten supernaturally by the Holy Spirit (virgin birth)
Polygamous Jesus (some early Mormons) Celibate Jesus
Source: Encyclopedia of Cults & New Religions, John Ankerberg and John Weldon, p. 294

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