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National Alliance

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National Alliance

Non-Christian National Alliance


The National Alliance is a neo-nazi, white supremacy organization founded by former American Nazi Party officer, the late Dr. William Pierce (author of The Turner Diaries) (died July 23, 2002. Obituary.)

According to the ADL, the National Alliance is the largest and most active neo-Nazi organization in the United States.

-- The National Alliance (NA) is the largest and most active neo- Nazi organization in the United States.

-- Founded by the recently-deceased William Pierce and based in West Virginia, the NA's goal is "to build a better world and a better race" and to create "a new government...answerable to White people only."

-- The group has grown in the last decade, and has recently focused its attention on recruiting young racists through white power music and video games.

-- NA has also continued trying to bring middle-class professionals into the racist fold.

-- Over the last several years, dozens of violent crimes around the country - including murders, bombings and robberies - have been traced to NA members or appear to have been inspired by the group's propaganda.

-- Following William Pierce's July 23, 2002 death, Erich Gliebe, 39, became NA Chairman. Gliebe considers his war against non-whites "a lifelong and never-ending struggle," and believes "it is not important how" he and his followers fight the "coming battle," only that they win. He has expressed admiration for both foreign and domestic terrorists.

-- William Pierce wrote The Turner Diaries, thought to have inspired Timothy McVeigh's bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building. It is also the inspiration behind the early 1980s crime spree by the white supremacist gang The Order, whose crimes included murders, robberies, counterfeiting and the bombing of a synagogue.
Source: Anti-Defamation League, ADL Experts And Online Resources On National Alliance And Anti- Racist Organizations, USNewswire, Aug. 18, 2002 (Press Release)

Pierce, 65, says he wants to carve an exclusively white, heterosexual nation out of North America. He bristles, however, at any suggestion of hate. His organization, the National Alliance (23 chapters in 15 states), is not a hate group, he insists. "We're an educational group."
Source: White supremacy groups try to justify hate, Detroit News, July 16, 1999

In recent years, membership has soared into the thousands. Headed by William Pierce, the neo-Nazi organization based in West Virginia aggressively uses the Internet for recruitment. Pierce's goal is to ignite a worldwide race war and create a society free of Jews, blacks and other minorities. He describes Adolf Hitler as the "greatest man of our era." Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh reportedly was a zealous advocate of Pierce's race war novel, "The Turner Diaries." The book depicts a truck bombing remarkably similar to the Oklahoma blast. Pierce has warned of more terrorist attacks.
Source: These venomous groups turn up the terror, Philadelphia Daily News, Aug. 12, 1999


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