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Efraim Society : End of the world again postponed

End of the world again postponed

De Telegraaf (Netherlands), Dec. 22, 2001
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Cult leader Heinrich van Geene, who considers himself to be the biblical prophet Elijah, has told Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf that the end of world - which he had predicted for dates in last September, November, and 'before the end of this year' - has again been postponed.

Van Geene's Efraim Society supposedly is to gather the 'Bride of Christ' so that it can be raptured.

But according the Van Geene, there are two necessary preconditions: ''The bride must be good enough, and must be full in number. After all, God says 'my house must be filled'. Supposedly we do not yet meet one or possibly both condition.''

Theologically, Efraim Society is a cult of Christianity. It does not represent historical, biblical Christianity.

Aside from the fact that Van Geene violates standard rules of Bible interpretation, he clearly also does not meet the Biblical qualifications of a prophet.

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Efraim Society : End of the world again postponed
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