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First posted: Sep. 1, 2000
Last Updated: Feb. 10, 2003
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Office of Special Affairs - a department in the Scientology organization. Previously known as Dept. 20. Scientology's PR offices are part of OSA. Members of the OSA also engage in dead agenting.

Scientologist Cathy Norman, who is actively pursuing 'interfaith' contacts with Christian apologists and countercult professionals, is a DSA (Director of Special Affairs - the name given to an OSA staff member at a 'lower org.')

OSA, Office of special affairs. The "dirty work" department, the cult's KGB. Took over from the GO, Guardian's Office, when the GO's leaders went to jail for infiltrating government offices, stealing and altering official files that put the cult in a bad light. "OSA Int - Office of Special Affairs International - Oversees DSA (Director of Special Affairs) network as well as handling international external threats against the Church of Scientology and international legal matters". - Jonathon Barbera.

Germany's STERN magazine recently revealed the following information:

The Scientology sect organization obtained asylum in the USA for one of its German members three years ago using a deceptive bluff. That is being reported upon by the Hamburg Stern magazine in its Thursday morning edition. In 1997, Scientologist Antje Victore, 42 years old at the time, made the assertion before an immigration court in Florida that she was being persecuted because of her religion, and she received - the only German to ever have done so - asylum in the United States. At the time, Hollywood greats like Oliver Stone, Dustin Hoffman and Goldie Hawn backed Victore and had protested alleged religious persecution of Scientologists to the German Federal Chancellor of the time, Helmut Kohl.

The fact of the matter, according to research by Stern, is that unpaid back taxes in Germany were the background of Victore's application for asylum. She was assisted by the chief (at the time) of the OSA, which is the sect's internal intelligence agency. Victore submitted to the U.S. court letters of rejection from German company executives which gave her membership in Scientology as the reason for her rejection. The U.S. court was not told, however, that the authors of the letters were Scientologists.

Two former Scientologists have verified in sworn testimony for Stern magazine that they had been asked by Antje Victore to write such letters, and as a favor to a fellow Scientologist, had actually done so in Fall 1996 and then sent the letters to her. In fact, Victore had never put in an application to work with them. Five of these letters which are bogus, according to the authors, have been viewed by Stern magazine.

I was in Scientology for about 21 years. Until Jesse Prince stepped forward, I was the highest-ranking Scientology executive to speak about the organization without its approval. I served in and saw virtually every echelon of the organization, from a franchise where I started in 1969 to working directly with David Miscavige. About 18 of those years was spent in or senior to Dept. 20 (now called the Office the Special Affairs or OSA), the section that deals with the ''enemies'' of the organization, which comes to mean anyone who disagrees with or criticizes any aspect of Scientology, Hubbard or ''management.'' Thus it is Dept. 20 (and now also RTC) that deals with the media, the courts, government agencies, critics and ARS itself.

The Office of Special Affairs is Scientology's Secret Service. OSA is officially the Church's ''terminal'' [communications point] for non-Scientologists, including government, the media, and the general public. Internally known as "Department 20", OSA is charged with favorable Public Relations (PR), investigating threats to Scientology, and then ''handling'' [neutralizing] those threats.
Ex-Scientologist, Perry Scott: OSA Network Orders

ALWAYS ATTACK in a press release. Never Defend or Deny

Be prepared to be harassed. They are very protective and aggressive towards anyone who is writing any story on them. I was at their property on a public sidewalk doing a stand-up, never even talked to anyone in Scientology, returned to the TV station, 15 minutes later and before I got there they were on the phone to the news director demanding to know the context and wanting equal time. They're very clever, very skilled at media harassment. I was not prepared for that kind of harassment. I never ever received anything like that from any other source. They're an untold story. They've scared a lot of news off. They're getting away with murder. I say put on your asbestos suit and charge.
Bill Press, Los Angeles radio and TV commentator, quoted in Scientology from inside out, by Robert Vaughn Young


Secular Der Geheimdienst der Scientology-Organisation PDF file (Gernam language only) A report by Hamburg's office for the protection of Germany's Constitution. Describes Scientology's secret service.
Secular A Note To Those In Dept 20/RTC Who Want To Leave By Robert Vaughn Young
Non-Christian Office of Special Affairs (Pro) Scientology's own information about OSA
Secular Scientology from inside out Former insider Robert Vaughn Young reveals Scientology's strategies for managing the news media.
Secular Scientology's Secret Service A series of essays that present a historical view of the Hubbard Communications Office, the Guardian Office and the Office of Special Affairs - exposing the inner workings of Scientology's secret service as it has developed over the last 40 years.
SecularTory Bezazian: Sympathy for the Devil An ex-Scientologist and ex-OSA member documents Scientology's unethical activities, including those of the OSA.
Bezazian headed something called the Scientology Parishioners League, a new organization that Office of Special Affairs vice president Janet Weiland had asked volunteers like Bezazian to form for just such emergencies. In the few months the parishioners' league had been operating, Bezazian and her cohorts had followed up on OSA tips by pressuring television networks, radio stations and newspapers to drop negative content about the church.

Bezazian never knew how OSA agents got their information. She only knew that once she was given a tip, the church relied on her to harangue editors and TV producers until the offending material was removed. During Bezazian's short association with the parishioners' league, the organization managed to convince a few editors to pull material. But in general, the group had little effect. Scientology had suffered so much negative press for so many years that Bezazian and her small cadre could do little to stem the tide.
Sympathy For The Devil, New Times Los Angeles, Sep. 27, 2001

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