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Occult, Occultism

Occult, Occultism

Occult, Occultism

Occult, Occultism


Literally: "hidden; concealed." Belief in or study of the action, influence or use of supernatural power or knowledge.

The academic study of the occult is known as psychical research or parapsychology.

From the Latin occultus, meaning secret, hidden, or esoteric knowledge and practices. It is comprised of three basic categories -- divination, magic or sorcery, and spiritism. Though there are many theories today as to how or why it works, according to biblical theology it originates from, and constitutes interaction with, demonic spirits. Hence, it is expressly condemned.
Source: Craig Hawkins, The Modern World of Witchcraft, part 1, glossary. Christian Research Journal, Winter/Spring 1990



Christian Christian Counseling and Occultism by Kurt E. Koch.
Christian Occult ABC by Kurt E. Koch. A Classic.
Christian Occult Bondage and Deliverance by Kurt E. Koch.

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Occult, Occultism
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