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Authored by the late, former American Nazi Party officer Dr. William Pierce, under the pseudonym Andrew Macdonald. This neo-nazi novel is a violent fantasy about a global Aryan uprising. Pierce now heads the National Alliance.

The novel describing an Aryan world takeover is considered "an explicit terrorism manual," the bible of the far-right terrorist movement in America, according to the Anti-Defamation League.
Hate group tied to slayings got its start in Florida, St. Petersburg Times, July 7, 1999

April 19th marked the fourth anniversary of the deadly attack on the Oklahoma City Federal Building that killed 168 innocent people. Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, the convicted murderers, perfectly imitated the bombing of a government building carefully outlined in William Pierce's 1978 neo-Nazi novel, "The Turner Diaries."
Organized hate still growing in America, Star-Telegram, Apr. 26, 1999

Most recently, The Turner Diaries provided inspiration to John William King, the man convicted for dragging a black man to his death in Jasper, Texas. As King shackled James Byrd's legs to the back of his truck he was reported to say, "We're going to start the Turner Diaries early."
FBI's Project Megiddo, quoting "From Beloved Son to Murder Suspect," Paul Duggan, The Washington Post, February 16, 1999.

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