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''True For You, But Not For Me''

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''True For You, But Not For Me''

''True For You, But Not For Me''

Deflating The Slogans That Leave Christians Speechless

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''Well, that may be true for you, but it's not for me,'' is the rallying cry of our culture. It's one of many popular sayings put forward with no evidence:
  • ''All religions lead to God.''
  • ''Who are you to judge others?''
  • ''Jesus was just another great religious teacher.''
  • ''Christians are so intolerant.''
Most Christians are left grasping for a response, and the conversation moves on without them. ''True for You, But Not for Me,'' is a ready-reference handbook for answering out culture's latest objections to Christianity. It features:
  • Brief answers to each argument
  • Readable explanations on each subject
  • Helpful introductory material to sets of similar anti-Christian slogans
  • Study questions for individual or group use
''This book is practical help for ordinary people bewildered by the cultural collapse we see all around us, Intellectually sound yet popularly written, 'True for You, But Not for Me''  tackles what is undoubtedly one of our culture's most significant challenges to Christianity: a disbelief in objective statements about truth, values, and God.''
Dr. William Lane Craig
Research Professor of Philosophy - Talbot School of Theology

''With uncommon discernment and diplomacy, Paul Copan exposes the habits of mind that work so corrosively against the quest for truth within contemporary society. An excellent primer for anyone interested in advancing Christian ideas in a relativist age.''
Dr. Douglas Geivett
Associate Professor of Philosophy - Talbot School of Theology


Christian ''True For You, But Not For Me'' ''Deflating the Slogans That Leave Christians Speechless'' by Paul Copan, Bethany House Publishers, Minneapolis, MN. 1998.

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Sample Chapters:
» ''If You Grew Up in India, You'd Be a Hindu''
» ''That's True For You, But Not For Me''
» ''You Can't Trust The Gospels. They're Unreliable.''

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