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President of the Centre Contre les Manipulations Mentales (Center Against Mental Manipulation). He also heads up France's Mission interminisérielle de lutte contre les sectes (MILS) - the ''Inter-Ministerial Mission Against Sects.''

Sometimes referred to in the German press as a ''Sect Commissioner,'' Vivien is an anti-cult professional whose task is much like that of the consumer protection officers/agencies suggested in these reports by the Council of Europe.

Among other things, Vivien is the author of the report Cults in France: Expression of Moral Freedom or Factors of Manipulation

Like other anticult figures, Mr. Vivien is the target of an extended hate-campaing by cults like the Church of Scientology.

Germany and France intend to cooperate on an international level in the surveillance of the Scientology Organization. ''A resolution of the sect phenomenon must be found on a European level,'' said France's national sect commissioner, Alain Vivien on Wednesday in connection with the federal-state conference on ''So-called Sects and Psychogroups'' in Hamburg, in which Vivien also took part. France issued invitation for a European conference in the beginning of 2001 so that future operations can be discussed. Most countries reacted to Scientology like Germany and France, said Vivien, though with hesitation.
France and Germany meet on Scientology, Yahoo/Reuters (Germany), June 7, 2000

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