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The Real Cult Awareness Network

The Real Cult Awareness Network


Consumer alert: The real CAN is not to be confused with the Scientology-backed "new CAN." The real CAN was an anti-cult organization. A Scientology entity bought the name, logo, phone numbers, addresses, etcetera, of the real Cult Awareness Network. If you need information about cults, ex-cult support, or related issues, Apologetics Index recommends you contact these legitimate organizations.

- Articles -
Secular Did Scientology Strike Back? Article from the June '97 issue of American Lawyer on the take-over of the Cult Awareness Network (CAN) by the Scientology Church - which now operates CAN under it's old name and logo.
Secular What's $2.995 Million Between Former Enemies? Stunning settlement frees cult deprogrammer Rick Ross from almost all of $3 million judgment. (...)

"The Church of Scientology has had a long-standing campaign to destroy the Cult Awareness Network. It was in the interests of Mr. Moxon's major client, the Church of Scientology, to destroy CAN totally and to do what has occurred. It was not in Jason Scott's interest at all." Scott has not just fired an attorney with ties to Scientology; he has hired an attorney with a history of opposing that church.

- Sites -
Secular CAN R.I.P. Mirror of the old, real CAN (Cult Awareness Network) site shortly before CAN was taken over by the Scientology Church.
Secular In Retrospect: Cult Awareness Network History of the real CAN, including articles, newsgroup postings, and links to mirrors.

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