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Self Help : Success Coaches

self help, success coaches, Stephen Covey, John Gray, Anthony Robbins, motivational speakers

Self Help : Success Coaches

Self Help : Success Coaches

Motivational Authors and Speakers


Motivational speakers and trainers (e.g. Mormon, Stephen Covey, former Hindu monk John Gray, and Anthony Robbins, Andrew Weil, Iyanla Vanzant, Wayne Dyer, Phil McGraw, etcetera).

Since Colonial times, Americans have devoured "success literature," those pragmatic guides to a better life from authors including Ben Franklin, Dale Carnegie and Covey. Today they're called self-help books, and they constitute a $563 million-a-year publishing juggernaut. Books are just one avenue to a brand-new you. From seminars to CDs to "personal coaching," the self-improvement industry rakes in $2.48 billion a year, according to the research firm Marketdata Enterprises, which predicts double-digit annual growth through 2003.
Source: Self Help U.S.A., Newsweek (International Edition), Jan. 10, 2000


Secular Altered States Humor columnist Dave Barry survives an Anthony Robbins seminar...
Secular The Guru Guide to Self-Help "Books in the so-called self-help genre feature prominently on bestseller lists, reflecting an international trend, says Batya Green, marketing manager at Exclusive Books [...]. Ingrid Shevlin highlights some of the biggest names, their books and some of the terms they use."
Secular Motivational Speakers CNN: "Many of these speakers write their own bibles, self-help books full of fixed formulas and fancy phrases. But do they provide a lasting benefit? -- a more efficient and happy work force? Or do they just give workers a rush that dissipates faster than a two-drink buzz?"


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Self Help : Success Coaches
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