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Grey Zone, Unsure, or Offkey City Church


The city church concept is the idea that each city should have only one church (in the sense of "group of Christians"). Though this church can and does meet in multiple congregations ("multi-congregational"), a central leadership team gives direction to the entire network.

This concept is promoted by, among others, Kansas City Fellowship, which has shared its vision of having Apostolic Teams oversee these churches in one or more cities.

The New Testament pattern is for there to be one church in a city with many congragations yet one unified eldership governing it. We believe that God will move to substantially accomplish this in many cities in the world in the decades ahead.
Michael Sullivan, "What Is Grace Ministries?" Grace City Report, Kansas City Fellowship, 1990. p. 9

One example of a City Church is London City Church.

NOTE: Keyed grey because while the concept of City Churches may itself be Biblical, it is alarming to see it promoted largely by churches, ministries and leaders deeply involved in some of the controversial renewal and revival movements. Given the decidedly un-Scriptural teachings and practices of those who currently promote each other as apostles and prophets (e.g. Rick Joyner, Paul Cain, Bob Jones, Mike Bickle, etc.), no congregation should place itself under the leadership of such Apostolic Teams.

The "one-church-per-city" concept is also promoted by aberrant and cultic movements like Lord's Recovery (Local Church), the International Churches of Christ, and The Prophecy Club.

Things get especially interesting when two or more such organizations claim to establish "one church" in the same city, but do not share each other's visions.