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Religious Movements Homepage Project Project

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Religious Movements Homepage Project Project

Secular Religious Movements Homepage Project Project


The Religious Movements Homepage Project was set up and developed by the late Jeffrey K. Hadden (a sociologist of religion, and a notorious cult apologist), together with his students.

The current Director and Editor-in-Chief of the Project is Douglas Cowan, a sociologist known for his support of cult apologists and his mean-spirited attacks on Christian countercult ministries.

Mr. Hadden has stated that he started the web site as a modest resource for his students, but is has grown into a significant database of information on cults and sects (from a pluralistic, sociological point of view), which are referred to as New Religious Movements.

The goals of the Religious Movements Homepage are to (1) provide resources for objective understanding, (2) encourage appreciation of religious diversity, and (3) promote religious tolerance.
Source: Temple of Seth entry (re-accessed, Feb. 1, 2003)

The information provided is of varying quality, and the suggested "objective understanding" is marred both by Hadden's record of pro-cult activities, as well as a general distain - present throughout the site - for anti-cult and counter-cult perspectives.

Those looking for theological evaluations of the movements and cults covered will prefer the site of Watchman Fellowship (Evangelical Christian point of view). Secular information not burdened by Hadden's pro-cult stance are found at the site of AFF.

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