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Eyewitness Report on "Sword of the Lord" Teaching
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Eyewitness Report on "Sword of the Lord" Teaching

The teaching described in this email is rooted in Carol Arnott's "Golden Sword" prophecy

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Subject: "New" Manifestation from Toronto

Date: Wed, 23 Jul 97 08:16:38 PDT

I attended a "revival" meeting last night at Lake Boren Christian Center A/G near Renton, WA (near Seattle) where John Arnott was the featured speaker. Lake Boren, also known as the Seattle Revival Center, has become "Toronto Northwest."

At this meeting Arnott introduced a "new anointing" he calls the "Sword of the Lord."

With this "anointing" comes a "new boldness, a new power." He also called it the "Warrior Anointing." It promises to bring "deliverance from your enemies." The visible effects of receiving this "anointing" include roaring, shouting and grasping the hands above the head, then swinging them up and down as if one was actually holding a sword and attacking an enemy.

Arnott cautioned the crowd not to "take the sword if you have any "secret sin because that sword may turn on you."

After explaining all this, most of the 600+ people attending lined up to receive this new "anointing" from John Arnott as he grabbed upraised hands and said, "Receive the sword." With this "anointed" touch most of the people fell down and began moving their arms back and forth (as described earlier) while on the floor. Some stood and repeated this same movement.

One man I observed actually hit a woman in the side with his "sword."

There were many other "manifestations" occurring throughout the service which I had heard about but had never seen first hand until last night.

I hope this isn't the future of the A/G.

It is interesting to me that, without exception, the leaders and "seekers" at both Toronto and Brownsville have indicated that they "don't understand" everything that goes on but just accept it as coming from God. It seems to me that what you "don't understand" CAN hurt you! If you happened to see people jumping into a river (to use their term) and then coming out jerking, falling down, roaring, shaking, unconscious, bowing, barking, blowing, looking drunk and disoriented, acting like they are attacking an unseen enemy, you would want to know what is in the water that causes them to act in such a manner. It could be a toxic chemical that at first causes euphoria, then later brings paralysis or insanity.

What I saw last night was a disgrace to the cause of Christ. I trust that the Lord will somehow lead these people to His Truth that is untainted the toxins of mis-understanding..

Dan Van Hoy