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This page: Scientology's Censorship and Spamming Projects


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The Scientology organization pretends to promote free speech. In reality, it actively fights the free speech expressions of its critics. The cult's censorship and spamming projects are part of this approach. So much for it's suggestion that people should think for themselves...

Note: Check these Scientology-related search engines.

- Censorship Project -
Secular A web of their own "Scientologists say their Internet filter protects the faithful. Critics call it "cult mind-control.""
Secular Church of Scientology Censors Net Access For Its Members Operation Clambake provides info and links
Secular Scientology censors WWW for members

In an obvious effort to influence its ranking in search engines, the Scientology organization duplicates much of its online information over countless servers and domain names. Often, it uses deceptive domain names and descriptions (e.g. pretending to provide information about freedom of religion, fighting against hate, or providing information about Scientology's critics). In addition, it provides its paying members with cookie-cutter websites.

- Spamming Project -
Non-Christian Meet Scientologists Online Links to what the CoS claims are "over ten thousand Scientologists." Seen one, seen all, though. The sites referred to are part of the CoS spam project designed to drown out counter-Scientology information. (Incidentally, check the real Scientology statistics)
Secular Transcript of CoS Web Spam Plan as presented during the L. Ron Hubbard birthday celebration on Friday, March 13, 1998.

Other Scientology Spamming Information
Secular How Scientology attempts to manipulate search engines
Examining The Church of Scientology
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