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The Church of Scientology has numerous front groups through which the cult promotes its philosphy and recruits new customers. Often, these groups are not upfront about their association with the Scientology business.

Among other things, the Scientology organization and its front groups gets involved in popular causes (e.g. human rights, literacy, drugs counseling, and etcetera), hoping to
  1. capitalize on possible positive publicity, and
  2. create name recognition for L. Ron Hubbard, the cult's founder

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» Firms wise up to Scientology, People Management (England), Aug. 28, 2001
When contacted, Peter Buch of Silhouet UK claimed the company was a ''small family-run business with no links to Scientology. We are simply using the L Ron Hubbard test because of its value as a management tool,'' he said. But Patrick Peperstraete, a consultant at the Dutch branch of Silhouet confirmed that, like its sister companies in Denmark and Sweden, Silhouet UK is a member of the World Institution of Scientology Enterprises (Wise).


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