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Sharia, Shari'ah - Islamic Law

spacersharia, shari'ah, islamic law, muslimsSharia, Shari'ah - Islamic Law

Non-Christian Sharia, Shari'ah

Islamic Law


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Lit. path or road which leads to water, Islamic law, divine law, four main schools: Hanafi, Shafii, Maliki, and Hanbali (most conservative)

It consists only about 30 ayat ul-ahkam (verses containing ordinances, nasus) of the Qur'an and about 70 ahadiths. These ordinances (nasus) are said to be self-evident (zahir) and not open to conflicting interpretations.

The Shar'ia specifies the obligatory acts (fardh), the omission of which constitutes sin, and forbidden acts (haram), the practice of which constitutes sins. Everything else, not derived from these principles, are said to be permissable (mubah).

Wherever it is applied, Sharia has led - and still leads - to human rights violations - including cruel and unusual punishments (e.g. death penalty by stoning, hanging, or beheading. Amputations of hands and/or feet. Public executions, and etcetera).

[Islamism:] Group of ideologies in Islam that want to use the Sharia to its full extent, meaning that secular forms of governments and institutions are considered foreign to a true Muslim society.

Islamists have in many cases been involved in violent acts. The reason for resorting to such means appears to be the same over and over again: First, the Islamists try to change the rulers and men of power through intellectual means, but as this seldom leads to anything and as there seldom are any democratic channels to used, violence have been the last resort.
Islamism, Entry in the Encylopedia of the Orient


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Sharia, Shari'ah - Islamic Law
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