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Christian Five World Views "These five worldviews include all the dominant outlooks in the world today"
Christian Introduction to "World Views" Good overview that explains what a world view is, why people don't see things the same way, the importance of evaluting world views, etcetera.
Christian Me and My Worldview "Understanding what a worldview is ... can bring vital clarity, not only to what I believe, but how I believe what I believe."
Christian Postmodernism and Christianity "Part I introduces the concept of world view, which answers the four fundamental questions of life: 'Where am I?,' 'Who am I?,' 'What's wrong?,' and 'What is the remedy?' A description of how the postmodern worldview answers these questions then follows. Part II responds to the postmodern worldview by showing how the same questions are answered by the Christian worldview."
Christian Testing Basic Beliefs by Jim Leffel. Provides criteria that distinguish a good set of basic beliefs from a poor one. On The Crossroads Project site
Christian The Essentials of a Christian World View Does not explain what a world view is, but rather lists 42 articles the "Coalition on Revival" considers to be the essentials of the Christian World View.
Christian Understanding Basic Beliefs Jim Leffel describes the basic belief systems that shape contemporary ideologies
Christian World Views by Jerry Solomon. Includes six conversation-starter questions.

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Christian Christianity With Power Subtitled "Your Worldview and Your Experience of the Supernatural." By Charles H. Kraft. On Power Evangelism Helps the reader understand the world view common to members of denominations/movements such as the Vineyard
Christian The Death of Truth : What's Wrong With Multiculturalism, the Rejection of Reason and the New Postmodern Diversity Dennis McCallum, General Editor.
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This book gathers experts from the fields of education, law, health care, sociology, politics, and literature to show how Christians can respond to postmodernism by resisting its undue influence, gleaning its insights, and learning to communicate with the new world all around us. It isn't a book meant only for intellectuals, but for ordinary readers who want to understand how our lives are being impacted daily by the postmodern shift. Highly recommended
Review, Bethany House Publishers, at Amazon.com

Christian The Universe Next Door : A Basic Worldview Catalog by James W. Sire. This excellent book helps Christians compare the message of the Bible with other world views. Highly recommended.
Christian Worldviews in Conflict : Choosing Christianity in a World of Ideas by Ronald Nash
Christian Why Should Anyone Believe Anything At All? by James W. Sire

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Christian A Comparative Analysis Of The Major World Religions From A Christian Perspective by Ernest Valea. Excellent, indepth approach.
Christian World Religions Index "Equipping Christians to Understand Other World Faiths and Religious Philosophies" This Leadership University site includes articles, charts and testimonies.

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