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Cornerstone Magazine

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Cornerstone Magazine

ChristianGrey Zone, Unsure, or Offkey Cornerstone Magazine

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Cornestone long has been one of the best Christian magazines around. It deals with alternative religions, apologetics, ethics, issues, culture, and etcetera, with a hippie/postmodern approach.

It has also been known for excellent investigative reporting (e.g. the Mike Warnke expose).

The magazine is published by the Jesus People USA.

Buyer Beware

Sadly, though, a buyer beware is in order. Jon Trott, the magazine's current senior editor, uncritically accepts the views of cult apologists - and actively promotes their work. Like the cult defenders whose work he admires, he attacks those who use proper terminology such as ''cult'' and cult apologist. He also objects to the identification of the Church of Scientology as a ''hate group,'' even though hate and harassment activities are specifically condoned and encouraged in that organizations's scripture (and consequently evidenced in the group's behavior)

Not surprisingly, Cornerstone also has been critical of the (real) Cult Awareness Network. JPUSA, itself not without controversy, has also sought the help cult apologist Anson Shupe.

Trott also co-edits the Sacred Tribes Journal, a magazine whose principals put stock in the ideas of several notable cult apologists. The magazine is hosted on web space provided by JPUSA's Cornerstone Magazine (with the following disclaimer: Sacred Tribes is neither a sponsored project nor an official publication of JPUSA/Cornerstone.)

Though Trott apparently has little practical experience in dealing with actual current and former cult members, and is not considered to be a cult expert, he vehemently defends his views, often getting downright nasty in the process.

Recently, Jon Trott also re-opened JPUSA's attacks on Ron Enroth, with the inclusion of a chapter in cult apologist Anson Shupe's book, Bad Pastor: Clergy Misconduct in Modern America. Enroth's response to Trott can be read here.

In addition, Cornerstone's Associate Editors include Bob and Gretchen Passantino, whose criticism of brainwashing theories also is reflected in the magazine's editorial stance. (Incidentally, for the Apologetics Index viewpoint regarding 'brainwashing' or 'mind control' see this statement)


Regarding information about cults and alternative religions, the publisher of Apologetics Index recommends the earlier (pre-2000) articles written by former JPUSA member Eric Pement, but can not recommend the magazine's current editorial direction on these issues.


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