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Email Biblestudy/devotional that promotes the teachings of the Local Church Movement which, theologically is a cult of Christianity.

In the past, eManna flat-out denied any link with the Local Church. For example, in an email to someone who inquired whether such a link existed, eManna wrote:

As far as whether we are "affiliated with the Local church," this takes some clarification. For your information, there is no such organization that we know of called the Local church.

This is as silly as if members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints would deny the existence of the Mormon Church.

To be accurate, while outsiders refer to the movement as the "Local Church" the group's official in-house name is "The Lord's Recovery."

Note that the eManna site is copyrighted by Amana Christian Bookstore, dedicated to selling materials published by Living Stream Ministry - the Local Church's publishing arm and ministry station headquarters.

Recovery Version

The Bible version used by eManna is the Local Church's own so-called 'Recovery Version.' The Recovery Version is controversial in large part because of its extensive footnotes, which promote Local Church theology.

The Bible that the Local Church offers in the United States is called the Recovery Version [4] of the New Testament and is unique, both for its theology and for its massive doctrinal commentary, which exceeds the actual biblical text on many pages. Study note #5 for Revelation 2:9 reads: "Roman Catholicism and Protestantism, as well as Judaism, fall into this category [opposing God], having become an organization of Satan as his tool to damage God's economy."
Source: Apologia Report, Volume 7: Number 3, January 28, 2002
The Bibles had been identified as Recovery Version New Testaments which are published by the Living Stream Ministry, the publishing-arm of the Local Church movement. The extensive footnotes written by Witness Lee and the Scripture text found in this edition are supportive of the beliefs and practices of the movement. Footnotes from the Book of Revelation state that denominational groups are spiritual fornicators for taking on names other than that of Christ (Baptist, Presbyterian, Anglican, etc), that Christianity is degraded for taking on these denominational names, that denominational groups are the harlot daughters of the Whore of Babylon, and that Protestantism, Roman Catholicism, and Judaism have become an organization used by Satan as a tool to damage God's economy (a la Lee).

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