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Secular The Anderson Report pdf format.  You need Adobe's Acrobat Reader Report of the Board of Enquiry into Scientology Published 1965 by the State of Victoria, Australia
Secular An Essay on Scientology Excellent overview of the cult's ideology, by former member David John Carter
Secular Brained By Ron Russell, New Times Los Angeles December 21, 2000. Mentally impaired Raul Lopez was $1.7 million richer as the result of an accident settlement - until he joined the Church of Scientology. By Ron Russell Also available in .pdf format pdf format.  You need Adobe's Acrobat Reader
Secular Cynthia Kisser Responds to Scientology Church's Disinformation.
Christian Church of Scientology: A Religious Mafia? Article in Watchman Fellowship's Expositor magazine
Secular Copyright Terrorists Chapter from Wendy M. Grossman's online
book Net.Wars
Secular A Critical Examination of the Goal of the Church of Scientology By ex-Scientologist Cheryl Sola
Secular Did Scientology Strike Back? Article from the June '97 issue of American Lawyer on the take-over of the Cult Awareness Network (CAN) by the Scientology Church - which now operates CAN under it's old name and logo.
Secular Fastest Growing Religion? Scientology's claim examined.
Secular The Foster Report pdf format.  You need Adobe's Acrobat Reader Enquiry into the Practice and Effects of Scientology. Published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, December 1971
Secular The French and German Versus American Debate Over 'New Religions', Scientology, And Human Rights by Stephen Kent, in the Marburg Journal of Religion, Volume 6, No. 1 (January 2001)
Christian From Science Fiction to Space-age Religion. In this overview Dr. John Weldon compares Scientology's main teachings with those of Christianity, concluding the two are incompatible.
Secular The Globalization of Scientology: Influence, Control and Opposition in Transnational Markets by Stephen Kent. Revised version of a paper presented at the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, November, 1991.
Secular Hello & Goodbye from Robert Vaughn Young by Robert Vaughn Young: "I was in Scientology for about 21 years. Until Jesse Prince stepped forward, I was the highest-ranking Scientology executive to speak about the organization without its approval."
Secular Hubbard and the Occult By John Atack
Christian Hubbard's Legacy: Scientology's Punitive Policies A Watchman Fellowship article providing examples of the totalistic mandatory policies or "doctrines" of Scientology
Christian Imagine A Future Dominated By Scientology A wake-up call on the Dialog Center site
Secular It Got Personal With A Roxborough Man How the Church of Scientology libels some of its critics.
Secular Medical Claims Within Scientology's Secret Teachings by Jeff Jacobsen
Secular Naked Scientology pdf format.  You need Adobe's Acrobat Reader Collection of article and an open letter by William S. Burroughs
Secular Penthouse Interview with L. Ron Hubbard Jr. pdf format.  You need Adobe's Acrobat Reader Penthouse, June, 1983
Christian Scientologist Lisa McPherson's Tragic Death A Watchman Fellowship article
Secular Scientology, Free Speech and "Religious Persecution" An look at Scientology's claim that criticism directed at it amounts to "religious persecution."
Secular Scientology and Christianity Shows that, despites Cos' claims, Scientology is incompatible with Christianity
Christian Scientology: A History Of Terror And Abuse Part 3 of a series of
    Watchman Fellowship articles. Part 1: Hubbard's Religion
    Part 2: The Ultimate Spin Doctor: L. Ron Hubbard - The Man and His Myth
Christian Scientology: Religious Tyranny Article in Watchman Fellowship's Expositor magazine
Christian Scientology's Concentration Camps A Watchman Fellowship article
Secular Scientology in Germany: Frequently Asked Questions by Tilman Hausherr
Christian Scientology's Internet Wars A Watchman Fellowship article
Secular Scientology's Revenge Sep. 9, 1999, New Times LA feature article on Scientology's take-over of the Cult Awareness Network (in French)
Secular Scientology's Secret Service An indepth look at Scientology's "KGB"
Secular The Scientology Story pdf file. You need Adobe's PDF Reader A six-part series in the Los Angeles Times, June 24-29, 1990
Christian Scientology: The Technology of Enlightenment by Brooks Alexander and Dean C. Halverson of Spiritual Counterfeits Project. Includes a Christian critique of Scientology.
Secular Scientology Unmasked Published by the Boston Herald from March 1-5, 1998, this is a hard-hitting, 11-part series of articles.
Christian Screaming Tomatoes and Blasphemous Rituals Interesting insights into the person of Ron L. Hubbard
Secular The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power TIME magazine, May 6, 1991. Also available in .pdf format pdf format.  You need Adobe's Acrobat Reader Regarding this article, see Dismissal of Scientology's libel suit against TIME magazine upheld
Secular The Uncensored L. Ron Hubbard Papers Who was this man?
Christian Vital Information About Scientology Article from Dialog Center International
Christian Watchman Expositor Articles on Scientology Index of articles published by Watchman Fellowship
Christian What Christians Need To Know About Scientology by Margery Wakefield, author of Understanding Scientology
Secular What is Scientology? a report by the Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior
Secular What judges have to say about Scientology This, for example:
[The court record is] replete with evidence [that Scientology] is nothing in reality but a vast enterprise to extract the maximum amount of money from its adepts by pseudo scientific theories... and to exercise a kind of blackmail against persons who do not wish to continue with their sect.... The organization clearly is schizophrenic and paranoid, and this bizarre combination seems to be a reflection of its founder, L.Ron Hubbard.

Secular Zenon Panoussis vs. Cult of Scientology Extensive background information on the legal case. From Operation Clambake
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