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Solid Rock, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Solid Rock, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Aberrational, Heretical, Heterodox, Suborthodox or Unorthodox Solid Rock, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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An elitist, spiritually-abusive and manipulative church in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In churches throughout Amsterdam, people can be found who have been hurt at Solid Rock, particularly under the leadership of its former pastors, Dick and Suyapa Flores.

Aberrant theology and a lack of proper, biblical accountability contributed to unsound practices.

Orthopraxis is the theological term for ''correct practice.'' Christian orthodoxy - adherence to sound doctrine - leads to orthopraxis. Unsound theology, however, leads to unsound practices (aberrant behavior).

A church or movement that persists in unsound practice - all or not supported by unbiblical and/or extra-biblical teachings - may be (or may eventually turn into) a cult of Christianity.

To date, Dick and Suyapa Flores have not accepted responsibility for the problems they caused in the lives of many people, nor have they been held accountable by Christian leaders.

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Christian Letters to the leadership of Solid Rock, outlining problems at the church.

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Solid Rock, Amsterdam, Netherlands
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